Why Are Mock Interviews Important for The UPSC Aspirants?

The prime aspect of the UPSC examination is that it is quite competitive and hence the number of students aspiring every year to secure a position is quite high. The exam is usually conducted in two parts – the written and the interview round. Although there are guidelines about how can you prepare for the theoretical round, it gets a little difficult if you want to crack the interview round without taking assistance from the best institute for UPSC in Delhi.  Hence, if you want to crack the interview session and do well for yourself, it is essential to have ample preparation to help you pass the round with patience and grace.

Is Mock Interview a Very Important Pillar to Prepare for The UPSC Exams?

We are sure that most of you have come across suggestions that going for mock interview sessions from the best coaching institute for IAS in Delhi or any other city is very important. It is because the mock tests help the aspirants to understand what to expect during the interview sessions. The primary agenda of these mock interviews is to prepare students and help them analyze their strengths and weaknesses to help them crack through the interview round.

What Makes Mock Interviews a Must Have for Your UPSC Preparation?

We have tried to make this understanding easier for the students as to why they should certainly go forth with the mock interviews when it comes to the UPSC preparation. Even the best institute for UPSC in Delhi, and most other cities in the country, ensure that the students go through considerable mock interview rounds before they stumble upon one potent choice. Some of the major reasons how it aids the preparation of the students include:

  1. Helps You Gain an Idea About the Questions:

Indeed, the interview sessions do not have any concrete set of questions, and these changes from one student to the other. Not only that, but in most cases, the members in the panel also have an important role to play when it comes to deciding what questions during the interview. However, when you go for mock interviews, they help you understand the type of questions that can be asked. Usually, most institutions that conduct these mock interviews have someone who is or has served as a member of the panel.

  • Boosts Confidence:

Another factor that is very important if you want to crack the interview round is confidence. There could be instances where you are asked questions that you do not have a clear answer for. However, when you deal with the question confidently, it shows that you can handle more complex situations in a sound-minded manner. These mock interview rounds ensure that the student can build on the confidence factor and answer each question with grace. This factor does attract brownie points and increases the likelihood of being selected.

  • Helps The Candidates Understand Their Strengthsand Weaknesses:

As mentioned above, once the students go through multiple mock tests, they will be able to realize the points that work as strengths or weaknesses. In fact, the most potent coaching institutes will also help the students to understand the same. Based on these strengths and weaknesses, the aspirants will be able to prepare as well as answer better during the interview rounds.


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