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1 to 1 Mentorship Program for UPSC by IPS Shivin Sir

Leave no stone unturned in your UPSC preparations with our Educators mentoring you One-on-One directly and personally every day.

About Shivin Sir's Mentorship Program for UPSC

This mentorship program for UPSC will be unique in many aspects. Unlike other institutes we do not believe in spoon feeding students, instead, we try and focus on developing what we like to call your ‘UPSC Skillset’. ‘Skill development’ is the buzzword in the Indian industry, as it exponentially improves your chances to firstly land a job, secondly keep that job and last but not the least grow within the organization. Similarly, to clear UPSC you need certain skillset, mindlessly scrolling through videos, going through plethora of content will not help you clear the exam.

We will be helping you develop this skillset from day one, by connecting you with people who have cleared UPSC themselves. This mentorship program will be led by IPS Shivin Sir himself who has cleared the UPSC exam not only once but twice. Not only this he has easily sailed through other exams like CDS and CAPF conducted by UPSC.

Do you Know, that mere 2% of the aspirants who appear for Prelims clear it. What is it that makes them different from other. They go through the same resources, faculties, coaching classes. Of the many things, a key differentiator becomes the art of ‘elimination techniques’. Once mastered it can easily help you increase your score by 10+ marks which in the game of margins is a huge advantage.

Similarly, the art of answer writing is a key part in UPSC Mains. We will develop your skills through our series on solving PYQ from 2013 – 24 . We will help you understand how to use minimal information, and maximize your score in Mains. Secondly, mostly the aspirants run from pillar to post to get their copies evaluated, we will help you learn ‘self - evaluation’. In mere 2 – 3 session you will understand what the UPSC demands, what the UPSC Evaluator wants. Just by being a part of this course once you will be self sufficient in dealing with all demands needed for clearing UPSC.

Not only this we will help you with learning how to makes notes, the art of revision, mastering CSAT, how to analyze Previous year question, how to predict both Prelims and Mains question plus many more. At the end of the course you will become an ‘ATMANIRBHAR Aspirant’ – self sufficient in dealing with all aspects related to UPSC.

What will you gain from the program?

The program is tailor – made to help you firstly understand the demand of the examination secondly, provide you all necessary tools to deal with those demands and lastly provide you all the skillset required to crack the examination so that you do not incur any additional costs later. Following will be our deliverables in the course.

‘Super 60’ is the most unique feature of the program. Based on the monthly performance evaluation we will choose 60 students – they will be given more personal attention by Shivin Sir, a separate what’s app group would be made where they will be able to personally interact with Shivin Sir plus have one to one calls based on requirement. Not only this these 60 students will be provided access to live foundation classes for free. We will make sure these 60 students see their name in the final list.

The main feature of the program is what we had mentioned before to develop the ‘UPSC Skillset’  - what we will specially ensure is that you clear your Prelims. Now the next question is why are we so insistent on our special focus for Prelims. This is because once you have developed the expertise to clear Prelims you can easily sail through other exams conducted by UPSC like CDS, CAPF thereby ensuring that you can easily land up a job.

Also for those of our students who are unable to clear Prelims, we will provide you free access for our next year foundation course. This is to ensure you do not loose your focus and continue your preparation. Hope we are able to serve your well !!!.

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