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  • Thorough Coverage: The extended duration allows for more in-depth coverage of the UPSC syllabus for General Studies. It provides additional time for a detailed understanding of diverse subjects.
  • Foundational Understanding: The extended timeframe allows aspirants to build a strong foundational understanding of various subjects, ensuring a solid grasp of basic concepts before delving into more advanced topics.
  • Flexibility for Deep Dive: The extended duration provides the flexibility to delve deeper into subjects, allowing candidates to explore specific areas of interest or address any weaknesses in their understanding.
  • Revised Curriculum and Updates: A two-year course can accommodate any changes in the UPSC syllabus or exam pattern. It also allows for regular updates based on current affairs and emerging trends in UPSC examinations.
  • Steady and Progressive Learning: With a longer timeframe, candidates can adopt a steady and progressive learning approach, avoiding cramming and ensuring a more sustainable study routine.
  • Focus on Answer Writing Skills: The extended course duration allows for a focused approach to developing effective answer writing skills, a crucial aspect for success in the Mains examination.
  • In-depth Current Affairs Preparation: Two years provide ample time for comprehensive and in-depth coverage of current affairs, ensuring candidates are well-versed with the latest developments across various domains.
  • Mock Tests and Simulations: A two-year course allows for the incorporation of a substantial number of mock tests and simulations, replicating the actual exam conditions. This aids in time management and exam preparedness.
  • Personalized Guidance: With a longer duration, there is more room for personalized guidance from experienced faculty members. This can be particularly beneficial for addressing individual strengths and weaknesses.
  • NCERT Coverage:
    • Live and recorded Lectures.
    • Gist of NCERT Notes.
    • NCERT-based MCQs.
    • Live Mentorship.
  • GS Foundation:
    • In-depth Coverage of GS (P+M) Syllabus.
    • Current Affairs (static + dynamic).
    • Daily Practice (MCQs+Answer writing).
    • Live Mentorship (Weekly).
    • Special Emphasis on CSAT.
  • GS Mains Modules
    • It has two components:
      • Recorded videos of GS Mains Modules based on PYQs and syllabus.
      • Live answer writing discussion to help students develop the line of thinking.
  • Pre-Focus
    • Subject Wise Weekly Tests.
    • Live Mentorship.
    • Includes revision of all GS Papers and CSAT.

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GS Foundation Two year Includes

GS Foundation Two year programme Includes

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GS Foundation two year features
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