How to Prepare for the IAS Exam During College?

Being an IAS officer is a dream of millions of people, but at the same time, we know how tough it is to crack the IAS exam. Many aspirants plan to prepare for the UPSC exam during college, but several questions cross their minds while getting started. Can I prepare for the IAS exams during college? Is it the best time to prepare for the exam? And if so, how do I go about it? These are a couple of questions we will answer in this blog. 

Is College the Right Time to Prepare?

When you complete your graduation, only you can write your IAS prelims. It is a good time to prepare for the IAS exam since you are young and have a keen interest in learning. In general, students tend to be cautious and occupied when taking exams for the 10th and +2 grades. However, during college, the workload is not that high.

How to Prepare for IAS While in College?

  1. Understanding IAS exams thoroughly.

Before you pursue your preparation for the IAS examination, make sure you have complete information about the ins and outs of the exam. You should know that IAS exams have 3 stages: 

  1. Prelims
  2. Mains
  3. Interview

Knowing about the dates of the exam is also important.

  • Choose your subjects wisely.

 Choosing subjects for your IAS exams is an important decision. Try to go for subjects you are interested in and enjoy studying. If you are confused between 2 or 3, check out the previous years’ papers and results to make a wise choice.

  • Know your syllabus and get the best books

 It is important to know the syllabus of your favorite subjects once you have chosen them. Going through the entire syllabus will help you to have a core understanding of how difficult it is and how much time you need to dedicate to it.

Secondly, getting your hands on the best study material is very important. Go online, check the reviews and decide which books to buy. 

  • Build a habit of reading a newspaper and taking notes

 Being informed about current affairs is one of the keys to cracking the IAS exam. Read newspapers like The Hindu and The Indian Express. Only regular reading will not suffice; you must take notes as well.

  • Look for a good IAS coaching centre.

Since IAS is very competitive, having experienced and expert guidance can differentiate between success and failure. Get yourself enrolled for the best coaching for IAS in Delhi with the most qualified faculty. Several IAS coaching centres offer classes after or before college, and regular study is another advantage. Since you will be attending classes regularly, your discipline is likely to remain intact for the preparation of IAS.

  • Make a timetable and follow it rigorously.

The preparation process for IAS demands total discipline and hard work, planning, and perseverance. Creating a timetable and following it continuously without failing is critical. Make a list of your college time, your college studies, IAS preparation, and the leisure time you need to refresh yourself. Make choices that you can stick to and keep yourself motivated. Make sure you keep a healthy balance between studying and other important activities. Do not pay too much attention to the results but focus on the steps of the process.


IAS is a prestigious position in the country. The sooner you start, the better it is. If you are determinant about your career choice and looking for the best coaching, choosing Tarun IAS can be your best bet. With a proven track record of helping several IAS aspirants to achieve their IAS dream, we are have become a popular choice among aspirants. 

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