Master the IAS Exam: Geography Notes

Role of Geography Notes for IAS Exam

The All India Services has three administrative arms. Considered the premier civil service of India, the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is one of the three arms of the All India Services along with the Indian Police Service and the Indian Forest Service. However, for the recruitment of officers, the union public service commission conducts the UPSC exam. Markedly this exam is one of the toughest and most prestigious competitive exams in India. It has 3 stages to clear:

  1. UPSC Prelims examination
  2. UPSC Mains examination
  3. Interview

Additionally ,UPSC has further components for the exams. Let us take a glimpse at those first:

Prelims Examination:

In order to qualify the preliminary stage, one has to clear two exams. Namely general studies and the other Civil service aptitude test (CSAT). Both of these are objective type exams.

The time allotted to students is two hours each. Also, both these papers are 200 marks each. It should be noted that a student is allowed to sit for the mains exam only if he/she secured at least the declared cut off in General studies and a minimum of 33% in CSAT.

Mains Examination:

However to clear the mains stage, one needs to go through 9 exams within the span of 5-6 days. Unlike prelims, all these exams are for 3 hours each. Paper A of compulsory Indian language and paper B of English is of 300 marks each. Moreover, the rest of the exams are 250 marks each.

Altogether the whole selection procedure is very tactic and tedious. And why not, after all, it is conducted for selecting the most reputable posts in the administrative services. Further details of the IAS exam could be known by checking the Tarun IAS website. Here you’ll get the lastest and most accurate information about the UPSC exam. Almost everything that you need to know from exam dates to the latest updated syllabus, all in one place. After all, being updated all the time brings you one step closer to your goal.

Geography Notes in IAS Exam

UPSC has a vast syllabus. It covers almost everything from language courses to current affairs. UPSC evaluates everything in you, knowledge, aptitude,  academic expertise, passion, confidential, skills. That is the reason it covers so much from history, Politics, geography, and Agriculture, Science and Technology, Economics, Arts, culture, Social welfare, and GK.

But besides all of this geography has a very major part in both prelims and mains examination. Therefore, geography has a significant role to play in your preparation towards your goal of clearing the IAS exam.

Basically, geography is a field of science which deals with the detailed study of lands, its features, inhabitants, and phenomenon of the Earth and planets. Geography for the IAS exam covers both Indian geographies as well as world geography.

Explicitly geography requires thorough knowledge and understanding of the Earth and its interaction with humans. Including a general sense of all-natural processes and earth’s physical features, climate, flora, and fauna.

Importance of Geography Notes in IAS

Geography notes in the IAS exam are of immense importance. And should be made very precisely, after understanding all the topics thoroughly.

Undoubtedly due to the enormous amount of syllabus, it is very difficult to do an in-depth study of each and every topic. In spite of that if possible one should prepare by using self-made notes. Although there are geography notes for IAS available online. You can find it on different websites. Some of those are even available without any beforehand payment. So that you can pick and choose which one is best for your understanding.

Nevertheless, if someone is preparing notes on their own then they should keep certain very common yet important points in mind:

  • Keep it short and simple.
  • Prefer reading the topic first before jumping on to writing it.
  • Make notes after you read the topic once. And try doing it within 24 hours of reading the topic.
  • Make NCERT books your first priority.
  • Mark the concepts which you don’t understand or need more understanding on the spot. Do not leave it for some other day which will never come.
  • Try making them in points rather than paragraphs.
  • Never focus on grammatical mistakes in notes. Although the spelling of important things should be written correctly.
  • Notably do not procrastinate your work. The more you delay the more difficult it seems.

After taking all these points into consideration, Tarun coaching has prepared fabulous study material for students. These are surely the best geography notes for the IAS exam which contains everything that you need.

Geography NCERT Notes for IAS

The best source for making geography notes for the IAS exam is NCERT books.  Undoubtedly NCERT books cover almost all the important topics in a precise and adequate manner. And that is the reason why geography NCERT notes for IAS are considered the best geography notes for IAS nationwide.

Indeed making notes gives a deeper understanding of the topic and helps in studying in an organized manner. It saves a lot of time and effort in exam times. Surprisingly it also encourages you to study as it makes you believe that you have some prior understanding of the topic and hence it will be easy.

NCERT books give to the point information in a very easily understandable language since they are published for students of standard 6th to 12th. Hence, it doesn’t require extra efforts to understand and learn any topic, neither it requires a lot of extra costs.

Further Indian geography can be divided into three major sections that is:

  1. Physical geography
  2. Economic geography
  3. Social geography


However, if you find it difficult to make notes on your own. Or you don’t have enough time then you can find geography notes for IAS PDFs easily available to you online.

There are some websites like Tarun IAS that provide you geography notes for IAS in an easily accessible format. You’ll get modules, HD videos, live doubt sessions, test series, and much more. This is in order to help students with their studies. Especially in critical times like this pandemic. You can get the full experience of coaching learning through online platforms. Not only PDFs but you would also be able to get full HD videos of some amazing teachers who try to provide you the best sources for your preparation.

Recommended Geography Notes for UPSC Syllabus

Tarun geography notes are the best geography notes for IAS. It covers all the topics and is written in an uncomplicated language. Therefore, it is easy to grasp the huge chunk of information in a simplified manner.

It is highly recommended to read Tarun geography notes for IAS exam. If one wants to save time and energy. They include all previous year questions and topics for students to get a better understanding of the exam pattern.

Likewise, it contains detailed explanations of very important topics to make sure that students don\’t miss them at any cost. Additionally, they are prepared by taking into consideration all the latest happenings all around the world that are essential for geographical knowledge.

Apart from this Tarun IAS has been set up with the primary goal of providing a life-changing platform for students to prepare for the future in an environment where knowledge is imparted to clear examinations with flying colors while preparing them for the exciting demands of life in the future as an IAS officer.

With this intention, Tarun IAS is the only institute in India providing exclusive HD quality recorded classes for civil services examination. They provide

  • HD Quality: Studio Recording 800+ Hours of GS
  • Live Current Affairs: Bi-Monthly Live Classes For 12 Months
  • Live Doubt Sessions: Subject wise live doubt sessions by faculty
  • Absolutely fantabulous test series.

You can check more about the website. Surely if you visit Tarun IAS once you’ll not like anything better than that.

For any further queries regarding the website, you can contact them without any hesitation and clear your doubts without any problem.

Best Geography Notes for IAS

Preparing geography notes for the IAS exam is indeed a very hectic task. And if you have time constraints then it is practically impossible to read all the NCERT books thoroughly.

The enormous amount of syllabus makes it difficult to make geography NCERT notes for IAS and not only geography for any other subjects. Neither is it possible to search the web for too long and filter out the best. So here we have the best geography notes for IAS exam that one should never miss.

Geography Notes for IAS Prelims

Since geography covers an adequate part in general studies paper, geography notes for IAS prelims are very important. Apart from that geography in any way, cannot be ignored as it helps in the overall preparation of the general studies exam. Broadly the geography section for prelims is divided into three categories and further sub-categories which are given as follows:

Indian Geography

  • India- Natural vegetation, climate, soils, agriculture
  • Indian physiography + geographical regions of India + Drainage system in India
  • India- Energy resources, industries, mineral resources
  • India- Roads, railways, waterways, statistics

Geography Notes for IAS Mains

The mains exam has even a greater part of geography. Apart from the general studies here, one can also opt for geography as an optional subject. It is very scoring and hence proves to be the best choice for the IAS mains exam as an optional. Geography notes for IAS mains are even deeper and large in amount so much so that it becomes scary at a point. But nothing to worry as we are here to help you with your geography notes for the IAS exam.

Geography Notes for IAS PDF

To make the process of learning easier and hugely accessible to all, we are providing the best geography notes for IAS PDFs. All these are arranged in topic wise order to simplify the studying pattern. One can choose and pick any topic at any time as per ease, but make sure not to miss anything if you want to score high. Not just PDFs but also modules and superb videos. With fully explanatory and well-organized sessions, you definitely won\’t miss any part and the best thing is you can watch it anytime you want.


So now we can say that geography is extremely important for the preparation of the IAS exam. Hence, we need to be careful while choosing Geography notes for the IAS exam. Since we have a time constraint due to the enormous amount of syllabus, what we choose is what we’ll be studying. Henceforth we bring to the best geography notes for the IAS exam. To help you prepare in the best possible way for your exam preparation. Therefore we wish you good luck with your exam and we hope that this article was helpful to you.

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