Top six Effective Revision tips for IAS Exam

Conducted by Union Public Service Commission, the UPSC Civil Services Exam is a nationwide renowned examination. It is considered one of the most prestigious examinations, and anything prestigious comes at a cost, as this one is one of the toughest exams to crack worldwide, and Delhi being the Hub for IAS aspirants, has got the best advice and best coaching centers at the same time.

“Anything tough can be cracked with the correct determination and methods”- rightly quoted anonymously, adds to the motivation of “IAS aspirants” nationwide. 

The wide pool of the “IAS exam syllabus” makes it a bit difficult for the aspirants to swim across. With One lap after another, it becomes difficult for aspirants to retain what they have come across; thus, a time-to-time revision makes it easier for the aspirants in retaining the facts, incidents, and information in the syllabus. Different methods involving different techniques like visual techniques, mnemonics, mind mapping, etc. has proven to be helpful. Following are the best ‘effective Revision tips’ given by the best IAS Academy in Delhi – “Tarun IAS”.

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Best Revision Tips to Crack IAS Exam

1. Get yourself a quiet and calm place:

Revision necessitates focus, which you can only do in a peaceful and tranquil environment. You can’t concentrate in a drawing room or a hallway for that, a bedroom or study area is a good spot for the revision and the space should have adequate illumination. While studying, always prefer to sit at a table and in a chair. Use a table lamp to help you focus on the page and a clock to keep track of the time, taking care of such necessities would help.

2. Timely revision:

Each evening, before your brain gets exhausted, begin your revision. If you simply sit down to revise with no set deadline, you’re learning efficiency will deteriorate. Your productivity graph will decline. If you set a timer for how long you’ll work and keep track of it, your efficiency graph will most likely rise as your brain anticipates the end.

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3. Plan your revision:

A perfect plan needs a determined execution, but to make a perfect plan, making timely changes according to the needs is essential. A daily schedule for meals, breaks, exercise, and sleep should be included in your revision strategy. Make time for recreational activities as well.

4. Preparing your body clock for the time:

Write down the exact date and time of your exam, and attempt a mock test in the same time duration as that of the examination. It prepares your body to get used to being alert and attentive in that time duration.

5. Adopt different techniques to keep the information:

 Different techniques like memory hacks (mnemonics), visual techniques, learning chronology as a story, mind mapping can turn out to be the most helpful ways, selecting the ones suitable for you would help effectively.

6. Practice Previous Year Question Papers:

Frequently attempting the PYQs would help, as these enhance your knowledge, help you identify your mistakes and rectify them. It will help you practice your time management which is one of the most helpful methods to acquire.


Revisions are as essential as preparation when planning for IAS examinations. Hence, you must chalk out a proper revision plan to avoid the last-minute hassles and confusion. We at Tarun IAS make sure that our students are well prepared to surpass each hurdle, and therefore are labelled as the best UPSC coaching Centre in Delhi. So, enroll with us today and take the first step to achieve your IAS dream. 

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