17 APR | UPSC Current Affairs | Meghdoot Op & DUSTLIK Ex: UPSC Prelims Facts

Operation Meghdoot

News: April 13th marked the 40th anniversary of Operation Meghdoot.

Operation Meghdoot:

  • Meghdoot was launched on 13 April 1984, when the Indian Army and Indian Air Force (IAF) advanced to the Siachen glacier to secure the heights dominating the Northern Ladakh region.
  • The operation involved the airlifting of Indian Army soldiers by the IAF and dropping them on the glacial peaks.
  • The need for Operation Meghdoot arose due to Pakistan’s cartographic aggression in Ladakh, allowing foreign mountaineering expeditions in Siachen.
        • Cartographic Aggression is based on manipulating visuals to prepare the domestic and international audience to perceive the administrator’s claim of a specific territory.
  • Intelligence inputs about impending Pakistani military action prompted India to secure strategic heights on Siachen, deploying troops via airlifts and air-dropping supplies to high-altitude airfields.

Exercise DUSTLIK

News: The fifth edition of India-Uzbekistan Joint Military Exercise Dustlik recently commenced in Uzbekistan.

Timing: Scheduled from 15th to 28th of this month.

Location: Termez, Uzbekistan.

Participating Forces: Indian Armed Forces and Uzbekistan Armed Forces.

Annual Event: Exercise DUSTLIK is a yearly event conducted alternatively in India and Uzbekistan.


  • Fostering Cooperation: Aimed at strengthening military collaboration between India and Uzbekistan.
  • Enhancing Capabilities: Focuses on improving combined capabilities for executing joint operations in mountainous and semi-urban terrains.

Training Focus:

    • Physical Fitness: Emphasis on achieving a high level of physical fitness among participants.
    • Joint Planning: Training in coordinated planning for joint operations.
    • Tactical Drills: Practice of joint tactical maneuvers and strategies.
    • Special Arms Skills: Instruction in fundamental skills related to specialized weaponry.
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