Foundation Course For IAS/IPS/UPSC: The Ultimate Guide

About the Foundation Course

A foundation course of IAS is usually designed according to the needs of the candidates who have completed their graduation; are targeting for civil service examination next year. UPSC Civil Services examination is the most challenging exam status due to the extensive syllabus. This UPSC Exam demands the visionary concentration of the subjects. The syllabus of Prelims and Mains are overlapping each other in many areas. The skill of getting good scores and availing the best of available resources in a limited time is the only way that can ensure success in this exam.

However, the Basic foundation course is also designed by various IAS coaching academy for working professionals or final year students. For the preparation of IAS important topics are Governance and development process and industry, important aspects of governance, the role of civil services, welfare schemes for vulnerable sections, etc. You can prepare for the IAS exam for that analysis question paper trends of UPSC for the last few years. The course is conducted by experienced faculties. Such faculties have vast experience to guide students to prepare for the Civil Services Examination.   

Why Tarun IAS- One-Stop Solution For Civil Service Exams?

The Foundation course is designed for various aspirants and it is prepared according to their basic needs. Everybody has different constraints as some candidates can spare 2-3 hours while others can give 10 hours for preparation. Different candidates have a different pattern for preparation and depending on their requirement UPSC journey begins. A graduate who wants to be a civil servant will have different study patterns from undergraduates or working professionals, etc.. This is the reason various IAS coaching centers are offering various foundation courses for various candidates.

Tarun IAS is a one-stop solution for most complete and result based preparation for the upcoming Civil Service Examination. We offer effective guidance to help you get selected at an early age. They save time and money with a better understanding of subjects and also provide extensive study material. They provide better writing skills with a dedicated class for current affairs, ethics class, and effective mock tests. Tarun IAS provides a complete and comprehensive course and also complete the course within the time-bound effectively and efficiently. This IAS foundation course dedicatedly offers the materials for the course; sincerely prepares the students for India’s one of the leading exam.  

Why the Foundation Course of IAS is Necessary?

IAS/IPS/UPSC foundation course is ideal for all stages of the UPSC examination whether it is for Prelims, Mains, and Interview round. This course covers the materials prepared by expert teachers. It also prepares the aspirants to clear the exam in the first attempts. Students pursuing graduation can also opt for foundation courses. 

The course is prepared in such a way that it gets completed thoroughly in approximately 10 months. In addition to regular classes, regular doubt clearing sessions are conducted by various expert teachers. They identify weaker areas of candidates and provide the best solution to improve for the exam. The batch is filled with an energetic approach with a focus on current affairs of national and international importance. Tarun IAS helps students in preparing current affairs and also subjects as required by the aspirants. 

Choosing the Right Coaching Institute

However, choosing the right IAS coaching center is quite a tough work. But selecting the best mentor can boost a student’s efforts towards achieving the goal of clearing the exam. This selection poses a big difficulty to a student today irrespective of the stage of education. A good mentor and coaching institute will provide outstanding results and also enable aspirants to sharpen their skills. UPSC GS foundation course demands knowledge, devotion, and perseverance to clear the IAS exam. Best coaching institute selection depends on several factors such as Student-Teacher ratio, Types of courses offered, the background of the Institute, etc.  

Factors To Consider While Choosing The Coaching Institute

  • The first and foremost factor while selecting the best coaching institute is its performance. Check for the number of students who cleared the IAS exam. The student-teacher ratio also plays an important role in making a decision. The availability of good teachers can transform students for the exam.
  • The young teachers are more updated and more tech-savvy to make effective use of teaching tools. They are more adaptable to quickly master the changes, which could be in syllabus, exam pattern, marking scheme, etc.
  • Monitoring student’s performance is the key factor for success in any exam. Tarun IAS conducts weekly, monthly tests to ascertain a student’s knowledge. They also adopt changes in the pattern of the exam; makes the student aware of the same prepares them for the IAS exam.  
  • Several Coaching institutes provide the best IAS foundation course which will guide the students to study in a positive and disciplined manner. They train the students with essential topics that are frequently being asked in previous years. They also help the students in removing doubts and building strong concepts. 
  • A good coaching institute understands the psychology of a student. Tarun IAS is fast in recognizing the personality of the student and then making changes in teaching styles and methods.
  • A good coaching institute analyzes the individual performance of the student. They find the area areas where the student is lacking and needs to focus on. They also don’t differentiate between students and also provides counseling to the students. 

Facilities Provided to IAS Officers

IAS Powers and facilities are not similar to that of a private sector. Various facilities provided to the officers include residence, Transport, security, Trips, study leaves, utility bills, Lifetime pensions, etc. IAS officers are provided the charge of the administration of an entire district/state/department/ministry. IAS civil servant service presents an opportunity to serve the country by using one’s talents and abilities.

What is the Foundation Course for IAS?

The Foundation course for IAS preparation is a one-stop solution for comprehensive preparation for Civil Service Examination.  One of the important things that students need to crack the civil service exam is to maintain proper strategy. To clear the exam in the first attempt aspirants have to make proper planning and right execution. The Foundation Course for the IAS exam is a holistic approach for the preparation of the civil service exam. The aspiring candidates should be there in the supervision of expert teachers for one full year.

However, various coaching centers offer crash courses. But in this course, full concentration is not provided. Moreover, it will hamper the attempt of the candidates. So it is advisable to prepare in advance so that the candidates get clear in the exam. Tarun IAS motivates students to cope with psychological fear for an interview. We work to reduce it throughout the year in foundation courses.

In today’s world, various coaching institutes offering IAS coaching with various materials. But most of them are not concentrating on the effective use of time and preparing weaker students with handholding. Due to a lack of professionalism in various teachers, IAS aspiring candidates are deceived. They are charged higher fees and provided irrelevant kinds of stuff. However, Tarun IAS has professional teachers who are handholding weaker students also and offering extra help to candidates in preparation for the IAS exam. Professionalism is the vital thing for which Tarun IAS is known for and provides extra effort for students at any cost.

Reasons to Join the IAS Foundation Course

Civil service is an attractive and challenging career for ambitious and talented candidates. Indian Civil services make the way of becoming IAS, IPS, or IFS officers. Civil services have a wider sphere of authority and power than any other service in India. This is the most prestigious and respectful job in India. It provides an opportunity to satisfy personal ambition as well as indulge in social welfare. The selection of civil servants is diligent and only a handful is selected out of thousands of aspirants every year.

There is a multiplicity of work is related to civil services such as maintenance of law and order, management of mishap, representing India on the global front, administration, and empowerment of weaker sections of society. 

UPSC Foundation course helps the candidate to prepare for a personal interview, communication skills, and also for exclusive practical study material. One of the most important reasons for joining the UPSC GS Foundation course is, it teaches time management and also helps in developing self-discipline. With the advancement of technology, the way of preparation of IAS exams has also turned to digital.

Tarun IAS offers an exclusive IAS foundation course at affordable prices. In this course, the students get the best mentorship at one place which helps in solving objective examinations. Here are some of the reasons for joining the IAS foundation course as:

Time Management

This IAS foundation course develops a discipline among students to follow a routine for preparing for the exam. It also develops a habit of regularly appearing for the mock test, practicing essay writings, etc within the specified time limit.  

Accurate and Continuous Mock Tests

IAS foundation course also helps the aspiring candidates about the pattern of the exam. Tarun IAS offers continuous mock tests for prelims and mains in the UPSC pattern. This mock test prepares the students for the exam and guides them in the right path. Each section of the IAS foundation course requires a different mode of training as it carries valuable marks. The faculty of best IAS coaching institutes includes professional retired IAS officers and experienced teachers who guide the students in the right direction. They also highlight what to study and tell you what is unnecessary. This is vital due to the vastness of the UPSC portion.

Timely Completion of Course and Revision

There are very little IAS foundation coaching institutes that complete the course within the stipulated time along with mock tests.  Timely completion can help the candidates revise it before time. Also, practice vigorously to crack the exam in the first attempt. Timely completion of course may help in revising multiple times and understand the course effectively for better results.

Better Faculty than Virtual Faculty

In the age of the internet where there are lots of videos are available on YouTube for the preparation of IAS exams which is good and helpful of course. But the presence of the actual physical mentors who will explain with human emotions is very much required. Thus virtual presence can never replace the actual mentor’s place by sitting at the coaching institutes.

These actual mentors can help in removing individual weaknesses and strengths. They bring the best in the candidates. Books can help students to prepare better. But for better understanding, right guidance, and proper demonstration and explanation of facts better faculty is required. The Foundation course of IAS is vast and for better understanding physical faculty can provide a better understanding. Also, help in completing the course quickly. 

Advantage of Preparing in Group

It has been observed that studying in isolation can distract the student’s focus. Also distracts the retention of power of the human brain. It is fruitful to study in a group to help the students to perform better than isolation. This ensures better retention plus there are a lot of other students whom one can interact with and exchange ideas on how the person can prepare well for cracking IAS exams. These help in better understanding and also it opens doors for better learning. 

For effective learning, group study helps in preparing for Mains and interviews. It is a mutual gain of knowledge for all the participating members and helps in benefits from different angles while writing answers in the exam. UPSC Foundation course also arranges for group study and group discussion so that all the members contribute collectively. 

Absolute Study Material

Tarun IAS foundation course has designed excellent study material by the experts and top-class faculty. Tarun IAS provides printed study material combined from the best resources, especially for the current affairs. The institute provides notes for other subjects and is extracted from a variety of reference books, online sources, and an experienced team of experts. 

This helps in the preparation of the IAS foundation course easy and light for the students. Using the absolute study material the students do not have to go for other resources or any other books. This IAS foundation course helps the students improve their writing skills also prepares to sit for the IAS exams. 

Tarun IAS foundation course also provides online support for preparing current affairs, online mock tests, and video lectures for the students who missed the class. Video lectures help to clarify the concepts/ideas behind the function of a complex organizational body. Video lectures break the monotonous situations and are considered to be the best replacement for reviving the brain. 

Interview Preparation

The preparation of the IAS exam ends with an interview round. The interview is the crucial phase of IAS because the preparation of IAS without an interview is vain. Several Coaching institutes provide techniques to inculcate interview skills in you which you can\’t learn through online sources or from reading books. 

Tarun IAS offer test series and mock test interview to assess the preparation of students and find out the areas which need improvement. The interview is the most important process of the IAS exam. In the interview, knowledge is not only tested but the candidate is analyzed and evaluated on personality grounds as well.

Affordable Fee Structure

In India, there are many coaching institutes which have the only aim of increasing revenue at the cost of an aspiring candidate’s career. However, Tarun IAS provides top world-class knowledge at a reasonable amount. Tarun IAS has been considered as always the best option for teaching at budget-friendly rates. Top leading IAS coaching institutes charge for IAS/IPS/UPSC foundation course fees which may start from Rs. 130000 for the foundation course.  

Complete Dedication and Motivation

The IAS exam requires complete dedication and focus and this is not entirely possible without regular classes and tutoring. A good IAS coaching institute puts forth engaging and fruitful study strategies to keep students interested and alert. Peer comparison is a healthy way to groom students and bring out their best from them.

Different Types of IAS/IPS/UPSC Foundation Course

IAS/IPS/UPSC Foundation courses are offered by various coaching institutes for Beginner aspirants to clear the civil services examination in different ways. However, these are offered such as a 1-year course, a 2-year course, a 3-year course, and a life course. These courses are best for preparing for the IAS exam. However, fees for the entire course may vary and also depends upon the preparation time. Here is some of the IAS foundation course duration:

1-year Course

This course is considered one of the best courses for the preparation of the IAS exam. This course is diligently designed for those candidates who have completed their graduation and are targeting IAS Exam next year. In this course, effective guidance is provided so that aspirants get selected at an early age. This course saves time and money as well as the course provides all three stages of examination. Tarun IAS offers exclusive and best courses with a better understanding of subjects. 

Tarun IAS improves the writing skills of the candidates for the preparation of the IAS Exam. They also provide current affairs and also provide newspaper details for clearing the exam. The fee structure for this course is usually low in comparison with other courses. This one year course involves better interactive classroom coaching with a surprise test that helps the students for preparation of IAS exam. 

2-Year Course For IAS Foundation

This course is meticulously designed for working professionals or final year students who have less time to prepare. IAS foundation course is an upgraded and comprehensive and holistic course for students pursuing graduation and wants to build a strong foundation. The course is designed so that time of students not wasted after graduation for the preparation of the IAS exam. This course helps in improving weaknesses in subject and other preparation. The course involves personal attention to each of the students.  This course provides updated study materials for the students so that can be updated when they sit for the examination.

3-Year Course For UPSC Foundation

This course is carefully designed for students before their graduation. This will help in a better understanding of the course and will help in wastage of time and writing skills.  This UPSC foundation course prepares you well for prelims examination and practice writing skills. It also covers the whole syllabus much before the time. The fees for this course vary from coaching institutes. These courses are scientifically designed methods for improving writing skills.  

Lifetime Foundation Course

This type, of course, is designed for those students who want to repeat the foundation course. They want to practice more. In this IAS/IPS/UPSC foundation course along with the above study material, students are prepared for interview. The course takes place under the guidance of retired and well experienced civil servants.

The whole IAS foundation course syllabus is covered as per the course selected by the students as per their requirements. So the aspiring candidates may opt for any of the above-mentioned courses and prepare for the IAS exam as per their needs. 

Is it a Wise Decision to Join Coaching Class?

All the IAS aspirants have to understand that to successfully crack the IAS exam one has to be mentally strong and determined to have deep knowledge of the core of different subjects. For this one has to join a coaching class to help study the different subjects in depth from experienced professionals. However only attending a coaching center is no guarantee of success. One has to prepare wholeheartedly to ace the test. Listed below are few tips to help you stay ahead in your preparation for the IAS exam while attending a coaching class.

Update Yourself with Current Affairs

IAS foundation course test IAS aspirant’s knowledge in the society they live in. Many candidates stay in the myth that only international news is of great importance, however, this is not the case. Candidates need to be well aware of different events happening in their respective states, district, or village to serve their country to the best of their ability.

Reading Newspaper

A great emphasis is given to reading newspapers for IAS aspirants. It helps them to have informed knowledge of the events happening in and around the nation. IAS aspirants are advised to read newspapers in different languages to get detailed information on a singular event. Also, improve the grasp of their knowledge of the language. Reading a variety of newspaper will keep the candidates well informed rather than having limited information. UPSC foundation course includes awareness with current affairs and this can be met with reading newspapers with proper techniques. 

Practice Mock Papers 

Practicing different mock papers will help candidates get an idea of the structure of the IAS foundation exam paper. Candidates will have a better understanding of the questions asked in the exam; will be better prepared to handle the test. Solving at least the previous 5 years question papers will help boost the confidence of the candidates. Although it is a hard task to accomplish it will be worth spending time on. There are also civil service websites that offer a mock question to candidates for practicing. The candidates should utilize it to the fullest. Several coaching institutes prepare for the NCERT Foundation course for IAS with previous year’s papers. Also conduct mock tests for better results. 

Be Honest

While many appear for the IAS foundation course test, not all are serious candidates. Only 40% are serious candidates, while others are there for namesake. Be honest with yourself. Make sure that you want to crack this exam or you are appearing for sake of giving the test. If you seriously want to crack the exam develop a strategy. Work hard to ensure that you ace the test in the first attempt.

 The above- mentioned tips along with the right coaching class and mindset are guaranteed to reap results. Various reputed coaching classes help candidates with useful tips and guidelines to help them pass the test with flying colors. Tarun IAS foundation course is among the reputed coaching classes that assist candidates to ace the test without much difficulty. They have highly experienced and knowledgeable faculty members who have a deep understanding of the core of different subjects. The faculty helps the IAS aspirants get a better understanding of their chosen subjects. IAS foundation course completely prepares the candidates for prelims to interview. Also focuses on every requirement that is necessary for becoming an IAS officer.

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