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Coimbatore is one of the oldest educational cities in Southern India. Coimbatore is also home to many universities and schools. It is the third-largest city of Tamil Nadu and one of the most industrialized cities in Tamil Nadu. It is also known as the textile capital of South India or the Manchester of South India. Clearing the IAS civil services examination was traditionally been one of the career goals associated with Tamil Nadu which has been reduced over the years. The number of successful candidates from Delhi have increased as compared to other states. This is because of the availability of several coaching centers.

Lack of IAS Coaching Facilities in Coimbatore

Due to the lack of coaching facilities in Coimbatore the state is lacking behind. However, this problem is also solved by reputed and excellent Tarun IAS who are consistently providing excellent online classes, materials, and offering preparation in Coimbatore. Therefore, Tarun IAS is consistently solving the problem and providing an online IAS coaching center in Coimbatore.


However, IAS is considered to be one of the prestigious jobs in the country with lots of responsibilities and also administration. To prepare and sit for the IAS exam you need to have a strategy for the right preparation. What is the role of coaching centers for IAS preparation? Several IAS coaching institutes play a vital role in clearing the IAS exam. However, in this technology age, several institutes offering 100% online coaching classes and also clears doubts through webinars.  Due to the huge syllabus of the IAS exams, aspiring candidates need to follow the path of coaching methods to score best in the exam.

It may also happen that meritorious students living in remote areas of India clear this exam every year without any support of coaching centers.  But the support of coaching centers is important for the preparation of the IAS examination. Tarun IAS coaching center in Coimbatore helps to complete the preparation through high-quality HD Video classes in a structured manner. They provide the right material for clearing the IAS exam. They provide attentive tricks to complete the syllabus within the stipulated time period. Tarun IAS provide continual guidance and also arouse competitive spirit among the students.

Factors to Consider while Selecting an IAS Coaching Institute

Selecting the right IAS coaching institute can help a student’s effort towards achieving success plays a vital role while preparation for IAS Exam. It is a well-known fact that the Civil Service Exam is the toughest of all and also prestigious in the country. Due to the high level of competition, the aspirants need to have a good mentor or coaching institute to guide the students in clearing the IAS exam successfully. The top IAS coaching center in Coimbatore can help a student to achieve its goal easily and also hassle-free. Some of the factors to consider while selecting an IAS coaching center in Coimbatore as:

  • Previous year Results

One of the most important factors to be considered before selecting a coaching institute is to enquire about the previous year\’s results/performance of the students. Several coaching institutes advertise misleading figures of successful students, which in turn does not give the actual performance. It is thus important that while making a decision based on the institute’s performance IAS coaching institute is to be selected.  Don’t follow the marketing tricks of different IAS coaching institutes. The best way to enquire from the students already enrolled there. They can give the actual and unfiltered reviews about the coaching institutes.

  • Reviews

Many IAS coaching institutes fraudulently display toppers as their students for attracting more students for coaching institutes. Therefore it is important for candidates to make a little research about the coaching institute. This type of activity can be researched through proper information from interviews and also existing students. 

  • Faculty

Every IAS coaching institute has good faculty for each subject. The best teachers teaching in the coaching institute also plays a vital role in the success of any coaching institute. The credentials of faculty should be researched properly before availing of the IAS coaching institute. Tarun IAS coaching center in Coimbatore provides the best faculty of Delhi at the student’s doorstep. Also, this can be enquired through students visiting the center.   

  • Quality of Study Material

The quality of study material is also important for selecting the best IAS coaching Institute. The reliance on the best study material for reference is of great importance. A good institute will have study material which suffices the requirement of students. The IAS exam is prone to changes every year and the study material would stand obsolete if not updated according to the trend. The coaching notes of many IAS coaching institutes can be found in the marketplace. Tarun IAS is a good coaching institute with its study material resource. It will enable a student to keep the focus and to discern what to study, how to study, and where to study. Tarun IAS provides comprehensive study material in a simplified and effective way through online coaching.

  • Courses Offered

Most of the institutes offer almost the same kind of courses but the duration of courses, timings of classes, and availability of experienced faculty is more important for selecting the IAS coaching institute. 

  • Student-Teacher Ratio

This is an extremely important factor for selecting the IAS coaching Institute. The sole reason was to check if their child will get the teacher’s attention in class. This aspect is even more pertinent for a Civil Services coaching institute. Such large strength of students is accommodated in banquet hall sized lecture halls where even eye contact between a student and teacher is not possible. So the gap between student ratio is becoming more, therefore personal attention should be given.

  • Demo-Classes

The most important factor before selecting the IAS coaching institute is that the coaching institute offers demo classes. A good coaching institute also offers demo-class to aspiring candidates for better understanding. 

  • Process of Coaching

The methods of preparing for the IAS exam play a vital role in the success of the candidate. The coaching centers providing consistent support helps the students in clearing the exam successfully. The IAS coaching center in Coimbatore conducting mock exams along with preparation for the interview. Also, open discussions prepare the students for the exam. With the help of such interactive sessions, an IAS aspirant can get all the issues clarified easily. Make use of such a platform to stay result-oriented and determined.

  • Background of Faculty Members

The important factor for selecting the best IAS coaching institutes is to check for the background of faculty members. Every coaching institute engages best faculty members for their students to increase their brand value and also draw attention to more number of students for their institutes. Faculty members should be retired IAS officers and other experienced teachers imparting knowledge to the students. Tarun IAS offers excellent faculty members and also other professional teachers updated on their subjects. 

  • Fees

It is also evident that before selecting the IAS coaching institute research about the fee structure for various institutes should be made. Fees claimed by various institutes are the same. But most of them provide discounts, extra resource materials, extra support systems, etc. Even most of them are providing an EMI option for easy payment of fees. Tarun IAS provides IAS coaching at affordable prices. 

  • Results Delivered

The overall factor to look for before selecting the IAS coaching institute is result-oriented by the center. There are many coaching institutes who give a fishy advertisement for IAS preparation. The brand name is not important for taking classes. But most important are the results, way of preparation, and lasting result. A good IAS coaching institute is consistent in its results. The results are the highest desiring factor because the coaching with a higher conversion ratio is obviously providing a cutting edge to the students by teaching them relevant subjects. 

Nowadays online coaching has become more popular. It is also due to the pandemic situation video classes are provided to the aspirants for better learning. In online coaching, previous classes can also be prepared easily and it can be preserved for future references. Online coaching helps students in preparing for IAS coaching at home from any place in the world and at any time. Online coaching also saves time for traveling. Tarun IAS is also providing online classes for students residing in remote places.

Tarun IAS | Best Coaching Institute in Coimbatore

The institute is diligently incorporated with the motive of the welfare of the students and imparting high-quality knowledge to help them to become capable IAS officers. Tarun IAS is the only institute who are providing exclusive HD quality recorded classes for civil services. 

Tarun IAS is providing IAS foundation courses which comprise of Prelims, Mains, and Interview rounds. They are also providing high-quality video lectures of the best faculty of the country at affordable prices. They are also providing updated study materials that are relevant to the exam. Tarun IAS is offering courses which you can visit through the following links as:


However Tarun IAS is also providing other courses for which link are given below as:

For CSAT coaching:

Test series: 

Modules : 

Optional products: 

There are lots of benefits of joining the Tarun IAS coaching institute for preparation for the IAS exam.  Some of the benefits of Joining the Tarun IAS coaching center in Coimbatore as:

  • Dedication and Motivation

IAS exam requires complete dedication and motivation towards the exam and Tarun IAS fulfills the criteria and completely provides dedication to the students. They motivate students to clear the IAS exam. 

  • Access to Expert Knowledge 

Tarun IAS prepares for current affairs and also it benefits the students to provide HD quality recording expert knowledge in the form of videos to the students.

  • Detailed Study Materials

Tarun IAS also provides complete solution related to syllabus and study material at one place and prepares the students for the exam with due comfort from online coaching at any place. They provide great comfort of joining the center without going to Delhi. 


Tarun IAS is one of India’s innovative learning platforms at affordable prices. Tarun IAS is preferred over other coaching centers in Coimbatore. It is because of the availability of HD recordings of excellent teachers of Delhi and providing great comfort without going to Delhi and investing a lot of money for the same course in other coaching centers.


Coimbatore is the textile capital of South India. But it lacks the best coaching centers for such a reputable service in the country. To solve this problem, Tarun IAS is providing the solution and helping the students to achieve their dream of becoming an IAS officer. Tarun IAS is one of the Top IAS coaching centers in Coimbatore.

Online IAS Coaching vs Offline IAS Coaching 

Today’s world is advancing towards technology and this technology helps to teach IAS exam from one place to another hassle-free. Technology helps students to gain knowledge without traveling. Here are some of the advantages of Online Coaching against offline coaching as: 


In this technology era, Online IAS coaching is more affordable than offline IAS coaching. The technology revolution has replaced the traditional learning process. Online courses are more affordable in connection with traveling, living expenses.  Online classes are less expensive in comparison with offline IAS coaching.


The online IAS coaching institute is available 24×7. It also helps the aspirants to get accessibility to receive notes at any time. It also helps you to complete the specified course at any time without any limit. Online IAS coaching helps to get the missing classes at the fingertips.


The online IAS coaching institute helps the students to learn from anywhere and also at any time. Online Coaching institute gives flexibility to the students for other activities, the comfort of spending time with family members. This online IAS coaching also gives the flexibility of keeping one’s health fit against a full-time course.

Uninterrupted Classes

Online coaching helps the aspirants to attend the classes uninterruptedly learning without any disturbances. Online education is provided at the doorstep of the students. Also, online learning helps to learn with animation easily and better understanding. Offline classes are often interrupted by students for clearing doubts by many students.

Stored for Longer Time

Online IAS coaching offers materials that can be stored for a longer period. Videos containing lecturers can be repeated several times without disturbing the teacher. These online videos are downloadable and can be stored for an unlimited period. Offline classes cannot be stored for future purposes.


Individual Attention

Online IAS coaching institute has a significant advantage that helps to offer individual attention which is not possible in offline IAS coaching. Individual attention is lacking in offline IAS coaching.

Efficient and Active Learning

Retaining power is more in Online Coaching as compared to offline coaching. Online coaching involves more teaching techniques that are not possible in offline coaching. Visual Learning helps to retain in the memory easily and quickly. Tarun IAS is the best UPSC coaching in Coimbatore and offers an efficient learning platform to the aspirants at their doorstep at affordable prices. 

However, there are not always benefits of online coaching there are few disadvantages too. For online education, one has to access the internet and a backup power supply is a must. However, the issue with the subject cannot be immediately assured. There is no interaction with others and it is a totally isolated form of learning. However, offline courses are making students totally dependent on the teacher for every detail.

The offline learning is confined to fixed timings. Therefore it is preferred that there are more advantages of online coaching than offline coaching. Online coaching is becoming popular day by day and considering the busy and hectic lifestyle, online education is the best for learning. Online Coaching gives the opportunity to learn at anytime-anywhere broadens education to greater horizons. It saves time and also economical and also best UPSC coaching in Coimbatore which is not present in Coimbatore. 

IAS Coaching Vs. Self Study

It is usually asked by various candidates for Online IAS coaching Vs self-study. There is no rule that one has to attend the classes to clear the exam. Online IAS coaching in Coimbatore has access to expert lectures and also brings comprehensive news analysis every day. In IAS coaching the candidates get the UPSC syllabus and exam pattern, previous year’s papers, mock tests, and exam news, etc.    

While Self study has its own advantages as self-study requires single-minded focus and hard work. In self-study, the candidates have to work more on mock tests and prepare themselves for the IAS exam. Coaching students play a vital role in solving the doubts of the candidates and thus helps in strengthening their concepts. Self-study saves valuable time against going to coaching centers.  However, with the use of modern technology, the gap between students and teachers has also been decreased and the students can learn from remote places and also at their comfort time.


Mock tests for the UPSC exam are help candidates to assess their level of preparation and also help to increase their speed and accuracy simultaneously. This enables the aspirant to pick out the most appropriate option in the examination. However, molding oneself with a determined mindset is essential for an aspirant to clear the Civil Service Examination. This will help one to understand the subject better and reduce their mental burden. 

On the other hand, if a candidate is doing self-study candidates have the privilege to study at a time convenient to the candidate. According to priorities, one can schedule their preparation. Therefore due to lack of time, it is better to go for any Online coaching institutes and avail the experienced learning of professionals.

Why or Why not you should consider preparing for your IAS exams in Coimbatore? 

Online IAS coaching is a better option nowadays and this removes the physical barrier of a student with teachers. With the use of technology, the best teachers and excellent professionals are available at your doorstep. Tarun IAS is one of the top UPSC coachings in Coimbatore provides proper guidance and strategies with proper study materials and notes. Within a short period of time, the IAS coaching institute prepares the aspirants for the IAS exam. Even, best faculties are available at IAS coaching institutes and their notes and video lectures help the students in preparing for the exam diligently.

Tarun IAS also offers personalized mentorship at each stage of examination. Due to Rigorous and continuous mock tests, Tarun IAS coaching in Coimbatore helps students for preparing for the exam. Online Exam will help the students in connecting with quality teachers directly from Delhi. The students get the flexibility of attaining the classes of the experienced teachers from any place at any time. Good Coaching is not physically available in Coimbatore. There are very few IAS coaching institutes are available in Coimbatore and Tarun IAS offers the students with the notes of good teachers directly from Delhi using Live and Online classes with excellent study materials.    


Tarun IAS is the best IAS coaching in Coimbatore for online mediums for the preparation of the IAS exam. UPSC aspirants have no more to visit Delhi for taking coaching for the civil service examination. Tarun IAS offers economical, flexible, and updated course materials for the students. Online Coaching helps inconvenience to prepare for the exam. Tarun IAS has been providing online coaching to the students that will help in high-speed access to high-quality materials and continuously improve the learning. Tarun IAS provides HD studio recording of good teachers and also at a discounted price.


Online coaching has immense advantages and it is also time-saving, cost-saving, and easy accessibility at any point in time for preparing for the exam. 

Tarun IAS also provides various courses with special offers that are rarely available in other coaching institutes. Tarun IAS offers HD quality recording comprised of 800+ hours of General Studies. They are also providing live current affairs for 12 months, clear live doubts by faculty. 

To appear for IAS Exam aspirants can contact at and also call at 7303583400 

Or rather visit the website at  or contact on  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the educational qualification required for appearing IAS Exam?

Any Graduation degree from the any universities incorporated by an act of the state or central legislature in India or other educational institutions established by an Act of Parliament or declared to be deemed as a University Under Section-3 of the University Grants Commission Act, 1956, or possess an equivalent qualification.

Can final year students of graduation apply for UPSC CSE?

Yes, candidates who have appeared at an examination the passing of which would render them educationally qualified for the Commission\’s examination but have not been informed of the results as also the candidates who intend to appear at such a qualifying examination will also be eligible for admission to the Preliminary Examination.

What role does coaching for IAS exam preparation play in order to become IAS officer?

IAS Coaching institute plays vital role for clearing the IAS exam. These Online IAS Coaching center in Coimbatore provide right kind of study material, and preparation strategies, better guides and mentors. In coaching you get likeminded students who are also preparing for the competitive exam. Discussion forum is also provided by the coaching center to develop better insight about the topic. You come in touch with some brilliant students and this can help you improve you performance and motivation.

How to start the exam and where to prepare for Exam?

The first step the candidate should take while beginning to prepare for the exam is to check out the UPSC syllabus meticulously. The candidate needs to know all subjects for preparation. NCERT textbooks are the best place to start as it helps in creating a foundation. For self study candidates can also make use of the internet for research and preparation.


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