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Are you an IAS aspirant and wondering whether to go for self-study or take up an IAS coaching center for preparation in Trivandrum? It is a perennial question that, exactly how important is coaching for an IAS aspirant?

We all are aware of the fact that exams conducted by UPSC are the toughest amongst all, because of the extremely well-rounded questions around an extensively wide variety of subjects and topics. Due to this extensively vast syllabus of the course, it becomes imperative for the students to study under the guided methods of highly experienced coaching classes who know the path to success better. However, there still are many brilliant minds who manage to achieve meritorious results even from living in remote areas of the countries with no access to coaching. But the quantity is rather low.

Lack of IAS Coaching Center Facilities in Trivandrum

Good coaching can help you work through the Static General Knowledge, Impressive Communication Skills High Proficiency in handling problems, and everything else that an IAS examination commands for. The professional status of a coaching institute not only helps you to prepare yourself in a structured manner by providing the right study material and continuous guidance along with tips and tricks to cover the syllabus but also gives a boost of stimulation by arousing the competitive spirit from time to time.


Moreover, an IAS coaching institute provides an interactive platform where the students can share their ideas and clear all their doubts promoting a better understanding of the topic. Sometimes, the past IAS aspirants are invited to share their mantra of success with the current batch. Experienced guidance you feel more confident and driven when otherwise you can feel lost and laid back. Hence, in broader aspects, the role of a coaching center while preparing for IAS examinations is irreplaceable.

Factors to Consider while Selecting an IAS Coaching Center in Trivandrum

Choosing the right IAS coaching institute is quite an overwhelming experience. Simply because you are going to put a lot while preparing for the exams and it should be worth it.

The following factors shall be kept in mind before selecting an IAS coaching Institute.

1. Fees

Fees is a very crucial factor for most of the aspirants when deciding for a Top IAS Coaching Center in Trivandrum. Tarun IAS coaching center in Trivandrum offers a complete package of best study courses at a very reasonable price. It also allows EMI payments for students struggling with a cash crunch and inability to make a one-time payment. We assist your future and do not let finance be a hurdle.

2. Study Material

The syllabus of IAS is huge. It becomes imperative that the study materials from which one is studying are complete in the aspect of syllabus, yet made concise enough so that the students do not scare away from the quantity. Tarun IAS provides complete and concise study materials printed in hard copy for ease of study.


3. Alumni

Alumni are the former students who have studied before you in the respective institute. Their experience with the institute and the reviews help a lot while deciding whether the institute is worth it or not. After all, your future is at stake. Tarun IAS coaching in Trivandrum has an open review section on its website and it is transparent about the quality of its education. It has helped a lot of former students to succeed in the exams and received positive reviews from them.

4. Past Results

It becomes very essential to assess the past results of the institutes because, in the end, it is the result that matters. An institute with high success rates is always attractive and demanded.


Tarun IAS | Best Coaching Center in Trivandrum

Tarun IAS is the best coaching center in Trivandrum, and also the only institute in India providing exclusive HD quality recorded classes for civil services. It has been a primary setup to provide IAS aspirants a platform which assists the students with high-quality teaching and guidance by experienced coaches, to pave their way towards success.

The main goal of the institute is to provide up to date premium quality education which is based upon real-time challenges, which is made accessible to students located anywhere in the country according to their ease. Tarun IAS brings high-quality education at your doorsteps with its on-line coaching experience because we believe that nothing should stop you from succeeding and making a positive impact on this world.

Tarun IAS has an essence of Integrity, Community Service, and Education. We believe that our success lies in the success of our students, which is why our students are our priority. We keep conducting live currents affairs and doubt sessions from time to time so that our students are timely updated and have no space for any confusion.


Courses Provided By Tarun IAS

Foundation Course for UPSC (Civil Service Exam)

  • Tarun IAS coaching in Trivandrum provides a home-based interactive learning experience with HD quality lectures of top-notch faculties of civil service examinations of UPSC.
  • The course includes a 3 tier test series to examine your preparation and provide you with an experience for the real examinations.
  • This course package also includes BI-MONTHLY Live sessions which cover all the current affairs, to make students highly updated, which is an extremely crucial requirement for the examination.
  • The course also offers live interactive DOUBT sessions where students can clarify their doubts subject wise.

Syllabus Covered:

  • General Studies (Pre-Cum-Main Classes)
  • Preliminary Examination
  • Paper I –General Studies  Paper-II- CSAT
  • Main Examination
  • General Studies Paper -I to IV
  • Essay
  • Compulsory Paper (Hindi & English)
  • Current Affairs
  • Answer writing
  • General English
  • Interview

UPSC Foundation Course Duration (Customize Selection)

Options  Regular Under Graduate Working Professional
Duration 10 Months 2Year + 1 Year 16 Months
Daily Schedule 2.5 Hours (6 days week) 2.5 Hours (4days week 5 hours (weekend)
CSAT 75 Hours 75 Hours 75 Hours
Optional (if available with us) Minimum 250 Hours (Depending Upon Optional) Minimum 250 Hours (Depending Upon Optional) Minimum 250 Hours (Depending Upon Optional)

Benefits of Joining Tarun IAS

  1. Best exclusive HD quality recorded classes for civil service examinations.
  2. Provides an independent study platform accessible anytime, anywhere.
  3. Recorded lectures by top-notch experienced faculties.
  4. Hard copy of printed study materials available.
  5. Daily practice of answer writing.
  6. Fusion Course (option to switch from online to offline course available when situation normalizes).


Tarun IAS coaching center in Trivandrum prepares for the civil services examination of the UPSC from the comfort of your homes through our HOME LEARNING SERIES.

The home learning experience will give you:

1. HD quality lectures by top faculties (Studio Recording 800+ Hours)
2. Live Current Affairs (Bi-Monthly Live Classes For 12 Months)
3. Live Doubt Sessions (Subject wise live doubt sessions by faculty)

Why Should You Choose Tarun IAS Over Other Coaching Institutes?

A professional course takes in a lot of precious elements like time, effort, money, dedication, emotions, etc. A right choice coaching institute makes sure that all such precious elements are blended well to generate desired results instead of them getting wasted. Here are a few points which make Tarun IAS ahead of its competitors.

1. Reasonal Fees

Taking coaching classes for professional studies can sometimes hurt your pockets too much. No everybody is in a position to afford heavy fee packages. Tarun IAS understands that the economic status of a person should never be a hurdle on its way to success. Thus, Tarun IAS provides very reasonable course packages to help you take your step towards the road to success.

2. EMI

One-time payment can be quite a big load too many people out there. Sometimes students hesitate to give a big chunk of their savings at once and instead prefer doing self-study to save themselves from extreme cash crunch situations. Tarun IAS offers a variety of payment options where, if a student cannot afford to pay the fee at once, he can always opt for monthly installment payments. This takes away quite a big load off the heads.

3. Anytime Anywhere Access to Lectures

Many aspirants live in remote areas of the countries where there is no access to coaching institutes. Moreover, some aspirants struggle with matching their time with the time of the institutes providing coaching. For example, a student who is working part-time to support his finances, a housewife who needs to take care of her house, etc. Tarun IAS is the only institute in India to provide exclusive HD quality Studio recorded classes of 800+ hours, which can be accessed from anywhere and at any time as per their conveniences.


4. Online Current Affair sessions

Many coaching institutes tend to stop attending their students personally once the syllabus gets over in the respective batch. On the other hand, Tarun IAS conducts Bi-Monthly Live Classes for 12 long months. We never fail to keep our students up to date.

5. Live Doubt sessions

Many students have a fear that with an online recorded class, they will not be able to resolve their doubts and get solutions for them. The fear is quite relevant because generally the institutes providing online classes do not remain in personal touch with their students and the students are left confused. Once their course is sold, their job is over. However, at Tarun IAS, students are the priority. We provide subject wise live doubt clearing sessions by our faculty.

6. Top-Notch Faculty

Tarun IAS has a team of top-notch coaches with high experience in this domain, which not only provides premium quality education, but also tips and tricks they have learned over the years to crack the exams. Unlike other amateur institutes, Tarun IAS focuses on result-based quality education with the primary goal being the success of its students.

Online IAS Coaching v/s Offline IAS Coaching

There are two types of coaching available for the preparation of IAS, ie., the online IAS coaching and offline IAS coaching. Offline coaching refers to classroom coaching where classes are conducted face to face. Whereas, online coaching classes are at home video classes where the students are given the recorded video classes of lectures to be seen at home anytime, anywhere.

Let us see how Online Coaching is better over Offline Coaching.

1. Independent way of learning at your own pace

Online Coaching provides a platform and opens the space for independent learning. There are no bondages as to time, day, and place while accessing a recorded class. Also, one can learn at its own pace. For instance, if you already understood the concept, you can skip the remaining part, and if you feel the lectures are running fast, you can pause and give yourself time.

2. Learning not confined to fixed timings

Online classes are of two types, the recorded classes, and the online live classes. Although the online live classes the timings are fixed, the recorded classes on the contrary are not confined to fixed timings and are accessible at any time.


3. Travelling time and expenses saved

Online classes are at home coaching services. Hence, you can get yourself coached in the comfort of your house. Moreover, many students live in remote areas and have to travel a lot every day to the coaching centers. This becomes exhausting mentally as well as physically. Hence, opting for online coaching is comforting.

4. Accommodation costs saved for people living in remote areas

Many students come from a different village or remote towns for taking up the course, and since it is not possible to travel up and down daily, they stay near to the coaching institute at a rented place. Online coaching can save a bomb on accommodation costs without compromising the quality of education.

IAS Coaching v/s Self Study

Sometimes, at start students feel that they can crack the exams by self-study by putting immense hard work and dedication. But gradually they lose their grip over the vast syllabus and get lost when they are unable to complete their tasks as planned. This is when they desire to switch to IAS coaching.

Let us see the role of IAS coaching institutes and how are necessary for an IAS aspirant:

1. Complete the Preparation in a Structured Manner

Preparing for Civil Services exams requires a systematic and structured preparation from the beginning considering the vast syllabus and covering it along with answer writing practice, revision, etc.

The IAS examination has three Preliminary levels, Mains and Interview. Each of these three levels has its importance and requires an equal level of preparation. The faculties of top IAS coaching institutes are very well versed in the syllabus and exam patterns. Hence, their experienced teaching helps students complete their preparation timely.


2. Stimulates Motivation

Studying for the IAS exam requires a lot of focus, dedication, and effort. Sometimes, it becomes very draining and exhausting, which leads to loss of motivation. A good IAS coaching understands the mental war a student goes through while the preparation and regularly imparts the drive of motivation in him. A push from mentors could bring the best out of one.

3. Right Study Material

The market is flooded with books, notes, and test papers so much so, that a person could become so overwhelmed while choosing the right one to prepare. It takes a lot of research and time to select the relevant ones out of the big ocean of materials.

A coaching institute eases this for you. They are experienced in preparing students for exams and knows exactly what is right. So you can close your eyes and trust the institutes with the materials they provide to be complete and right.

4. Arouses a Spirit of Competition

IAS examinations are highly competitive with extremely intelligent and hard-working people coming from different backgrounds appearing for it each year and fighting for the same goal. When you are studying alone, you might not be able to correctly assess your position and compare it with others. There is a high possibility that one could go wrong with the study plan. When coaching institutes provide live sessions with other students, the interactions with them gives an idea about the level of competition you are going to face in examinations.

5. Provides Effective Tips and Tricks

The syllabus of IAS is extensively vast. It becomes nearly impossible to cover every aspect of the syllabus, and even if you do, it is difficult to remember everything you have covered. A coaching institute has highly experienced faculties that help you by providing tips and tricks to make your preparation easy.

6. Continuous Guidance and Improvements

The more you devote to your studies, the less you will need to worry about your exams while preparing for Civil Services Exams. Regular writing practices, tests, and the latest news sessions improve your preparation. A well-guided study approach helps to show the path towards success which does not let you go astray.


Why or Why not you should consider preparing for your IAS exams in Trivandrum?

Physical distance should not be a barrier to quality education. There are so many people living in remote areas aspiring to rise in life and achieve success. But just because they do not have proper coaching facilities around them, they get devoid of opportunities.

Trivandrum does not have any good coaching institutes physically present. In such a scenario, Tarun IASprovides a platform where it connects quality teachers from Delhi to students at the comfort of their home through online mode, without compromising on the quality of education. After all, your distance should not Barr your future success.


Tarun IAS is the best IAS coaching center in Trivandrum for online medium providing the best experience of online studying with sessions conducted by top-notch experienced faculty. Experience a whole package of comfortable studying along with living interactive sessions where the coaches regularly keep pushing you to take a step ahead and outlive the competition.

Contact us for more inquiries and special offers at +91-7303583400 or email us at  .

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the educational qualification required for appearing IAS Exam?

Any Graduation degree from the any universities incorporated by an act of the state or central legislature in India or other educational institutions established by an Act of Parliament or declared to be deemed as a University Under Section-3 of the University Grants Commission Act, 1956, or possess an equivalent qualification.

Can final year students of graduation apply for UPSC CSE?

Yes, candidates who have appeared at an examination the passing of which would render them educationally qualified for the Commission\’s examination but have not been informed of the results as also the candidates who intend to appear at such a qualifying examination will also be eligible for admission to the Preliminary Examination.

What role does coaching for IAS exam preparation play in order to become IAS officer?

IAS Coaching institute plays vital role for clearing the IAS exam. These Online IAS Coaching center in Coimbatore provide right kind of study material, and preparation strategies, better guides and mentors. In coaching you get likeminded students who are also preparing for the competitive exam. Discussion forum is also provided by the coaching center to develop better insight about the topic. You come in touch with some brilliant students and this can help you improve you performance and motivation.

How to start the exam and where to prepare for Exam?

The first step the candidate should take while beginning to prepare for the exam is to check out the UPSC syllabus meticulously. The candidate needs to know all subjects for preparation. NCERT textbooks are the best place to start as it helps in creating a foundation. For self study candidates can also make use of the internet for research and preparation.


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