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10 Famous Civil Servants Of India


Employees of the public sector who work for the government of a nation are known as civil servants. Depending on the department, polite workers provide a variety of services or contributions. However, they typically perform similar roles to ministers in terms of their overall duties. They also make sure that everything is operating as intended, whether it be the defense strategies, the budget, or even the level of peace that is now present in the nation.

1. VR Lakshminarayanan

VR Lakshminarayanan, an IPS officer and former director general of police for Tamil Nadu, was well-known for his outstanding grasp of criminal law. He had a unique pairing with his brother, reformist judge VR Krishna Iyer. He has always been a supporter of law and order and has never been afraid of anything. For instance, he was the one who detained Indira Gandhi during the Emergency, well aware but unconcerned about the repercussions that would follow. He was then sent to Tamil Nadu, where M.G. Ramachandran, a former chief minister, was glad to have him and appointed him as a DGP. Many aspiring officers from his department sought his advice later after he had retired.

2. Anna Rajam Malhotra

First women Civil servant

The first female member of the IAS was Anna Rajam Malhotra. For the younger generation, she serves as an inspiration today. When she enlisted in the Madras Cadre, her prior battles against gender bias and other issues continued. She was frequently discouraged for being a weak female misfit for the IAS. People later came to see that it was false. She has served as Chief Minister for seven separate governments. She has been a huge asset in the fight for Hosur’s electric reforms. She was instrumental in constructing Mumbai’s first computerized port. She received the Padma Bushan award after Rajaji later acknowledged her service. Rajaji proudly referred to her as a progressive woman during a meeting in Trichy.

3. Noronha

Noronha worked as an ICS officer. He was chosen by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru to serve as the Chief Civil Administrator of Goa. In the state of Madhya Pradesh, he has been crucial in the fight against corruption and communalism. While serving as a District Magistrate, he assisted former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru in bringing about peace between the two hostile gangs. He was an animal lover and humanist who always stood for those God had left behind. Noronha was flashy and intelligent. Other officers have always found inspiration in his principles, pride, and simplicity.

4. Ajit Doval

central civil servant

 The national security adviser to the Indian prime minister is currently Ajit Kumar Doval. He is former Indian law enforcement and intelligence officer who is now retired from the IPS. He was instrumental in the 2014 rescue of 46 nurses who were held captive in a hospital in Tikrit, Iran while serving in the military. They were returned to India in safety. Under his direction, the airstrike on Balakot in 2019 and the surgical strike in 2016 both took place. Doval began his police career in 1968 and has proven to be quite helpful in many circumstances. Moreover, he was the youngest recipient of the Kirti Chakra for outstanding service.

5. Kiran Bedi

kiran bedi

As the first woman to join the Indian Police Services, Kiran Bedi is both a social activist and an activist. After serving as an inspector general of prisons, she is highly known for the improvements she implemented. She exposed the fraud and abuse taking place inside the jails. She introduced the prisoners programmes for adequate dietary care, hygiene, and drug treatment. In 2003, she was also appointed as the first Indian woman to serve as a civil police advisor for the UN. The Puducherry Union Territory now has her as its lieutenant governor. Navjyoti and India Vision Foundation, two NGOs with a focus on drug rehabilitation and education, are also founded by her.

6. Sivakami


Writer, feminist, and former IAS official Sivakami hail from India. In addition to all of this, she has consistently expressed her opinions on current social and political topics. She has dealt with many forms of stress during her career in the civil service as a district director, extra secretary (labor), director of tourism, and many other positions. She participates in the Dalit Land Rights Movement as well. She left the IAS and entered politics, running for the Kanyakumari seat of the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) in the Lok Sabha elections. Later, she established her political party, Samuga Samathuva Padai. She adheres fervently to the principles of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar.

7. Sagayam

sagayam ias

Sagayam IAS, who has been transferred more than 20 times throughout his stint in the government, is an anti-corruption activist and has turned down payments from influential individuals and politicians. He is an honest man. He has made significant contributions to public wellness, as befits his title. He is the cause of the new Pepsi cola bottling facility’s closure near Chennai. He recovered more than 5000 gas cylinders that were being utilized illegally in eateries in 2005. He’s been so forthcoming that he’s posted information on his holdings on his website. He dares to be good and to do good for people, and he has stood up for justice. He serves as an example of how people ought to behave. He serves as an example for all Indian citizens, not just those who want to work in government.

8. Subramanyam


Bright IAS officer K. Subramanyam was instrumental in establishing India’s defense and security strategies. Since 1984, he has served as IDSA’s director. He was also highly renowned for his journalism prowess and ability to plan strategically. He was a huge help during the Emergency as Tamil Nadu’s home secretary. He did a good job of managing the delicate positions that the central government gave, including the chairmanship of the Joint Intelligence Committee. Several significant commissions and committees counted him among their dependable chairs. He continued to write pieces about strategic issues after retiring from various newspapers. With all of his brainpower, he has made several contributions to the development of the nation.

9. C.B. Muthamma

CB Muthamma

In contrast to other nations, India has been and continues to be a place that encourages women to take on demanding employment tasks. Muthamma was the first female IFS officer and Ambassador on the list. Every position she was assigned to has some sort of barrier. Either the gender issues, the setbacks she experienced or her caste were to blame. In spite of everything, she exerted tremendous energy while serving in a variety of positions in Asia, Africa, and Europe. People have been in awe of her tenacity, unwavering honesty, and intolerance of injustice. She continued to remain active in her field and others even after she retired. She has also published scholarly essays and a cookbook as a result of her passion for writing. Her tenacity and perseverance continue to serve as an inspiration for women who are confined.

10. Tukaram Mundhe

Due to his integrity and commitment to duty, Tukaram Mundhe, an Indian Administrative Services (IAS) officer, has received nine transfers in his twelve years of service. He is the CMD of Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Limited and an IAS officer from the class of 2005. (PMPML). Mundhe has done it all, including raiding an illegal bar, tearing down an unauthorized encroachment, and taking tough action against land and water mafias. He was threatened with murder for taking action against the sand mafia, and he almost lost his job for upsetting his political masters.

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