Top 10 Best Websites for UPSC Preparation

We must expect changes. The way in which people prepare for the UPSC Civil Services Exam has also undergone significant change. Since there are now so many different sorts of materials available, including the internet, aspirants are no longer limited to using simply books as their source of education. Numerous websites provide a useful learning environment. However, while reading up on them, you must maintain your attention. You aren’t allowed to squander time. The enticement of pointless news stories and games is what we mean by time wasters. The best websites for UPSC preparation should be known in advance.

There is a tonne of free study material available for students on websites and YouTube. Students must study a wide range of books, current events, history, geography, and many other subjects in order to prepare for the UPSC civil services exam. The excessive cost of books and offline classes is beyond the means of any student. For students with little resources, the internet presents a fantastic solution. We go over the top 10 websites in this article for studying for the UPSC civil services test. For study resources, visit these websites. And they offer paid classes as well, but for a very modest cost.


It is a website for broad knowledge, as indicated by the title. For those seeking the IAS, this website offers free general knowledge study material. 2009 saw the birth of this website. A six-person team includes a past candidate for the civil service. On their website, they offer articles on general studies, current affairs, history, and traditional subjects. All of the resources are available to students for free reading and free PDF download. GK now also has a YouTube channel for content visualisation. Additionally, they can be found on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

The Jagran newspaper website has a satellite website called Jagran Josh. The website offers students study materials such as the news from the present and past, general knowledge, and history. After passing the civil services main exam, they provide interview preparation. They offer free PDF downloads of electronic publications, solved test questions, and online practice tests. This website offers free study materials, including historical news, GK, and current affairs. Additionally, Jagran Josh releases its top-ten Android mobile apps, all of which are free. Additionally, they offer free Alert messages for all of their topics at the time of upload

This website offers both free and charged study resources for the UPSC exams. The insights preliminary test series includes a wide range of static and current topics. Solution PDFs provided in-depth explanations of concepts, and the connections provided in responses are very helpful for research. learning unified subjects as well. The IAS syllabus is conveniently located in one spot for students. The website’s user interface is straightforward and simple for students to use. Students can prepare well for the UPSC main exams with the help of the daily article writing quiz.

The platform used by students for online learning is now known as Unacademy. because of their distinctive qualities and commitment to offering pupils high-quality learning materials. Both teachers and students can benefit from this website. Teachers submit their videos on the topic to YouTube so that students can view them as well. Additionally, they post inspirational and motivational films of the candidates they have chosen. The best feature of this website is that each exam has a unique part.

IAS Squad is a website that offers general knowledge study materials. They offer current events. and a general understanding of physics, geography, and history. For the pre-exam and mains exam, they offer free practise questions that are up to date. This website offers important videos about current events. Every day, the website posts new current events. They help students prepare for the test of their abilities.

Top scorers in the UPSC civil services examinations are listed on this page. They follow short-day schedules so that kids won’t become discouraged by their labor. They offer current events quizzes. if you become bored when studying in the conventional manner. You can learn in a fun way with this website. They offer free study materials for common courses as well as current affairs and GK. They also charge reasonable fees for their paid courses.

There are no paid study resources for the UPSC civil services examinations on this website. This website also offers affordable live classes for students online. Although the website’s layout is challenging, there is appropriate access to study material. They offer free study guides for general knowledge, current events, and science. For the pre-UPSC civil services exams, this website offers a free practice test. Additionally, this website aids with interview preparation. All of the videos and study materials are free for students to download.

This page focuses on the student’s approach. They believe that each student has a different way of preparing for the tests. They offer free lectures given by seasoned professors. They continue to update their lectures and other study materials. They offer general knowledge and current affairs articles, both of which are quite helpful for the prelims and main exams. The most recent information regarding the next test is also available on the website.

In 2012, was launched with the goal of providing study materials to all applicants. Free resources are available on this website for the UPSC civil services test. On their websites and applications, they offer free study materials for students. On their websites, they offer discounted test preparation courses. Every subject’s free notes are available through Clear IAS. This website provides appropriate guidelines along with smart exam preparation tactics. A good question in a mock test series can assist candidates to get a sense of the testing atmosphere.

Typically, the website is for UPSC civil services examinations. The website offers study materials in pdf, audio, and video formats. It is free to use this website. Both Hindi and English are available on this website. The website offers PDF files and audio content on current events, general knowledge, and convectional topics. They have videos available on their “afeias” YouTube account. They provide instruction for preparing for the UPSC exams. They deliver an audio lecture each day to maintain discipline.  Additionally, they no longer have their Android app, which provided quick access to their study materials.

These websites enable you to study for civil service exams at home without visiting coaching facilities. For pupils who cannot pay the exorbitant coaching center fees, these resources are quite helpful. During their free time, people who are employed also study for the civil service tests.

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