Join India\’s Best IAS Coaching Centre to crack UPSC examination


Join India\’s Best IAS Coaching Centre to crack UPSC examination

Tarun IAS has been one of the top coaching centre in India based at Delhi since its inception a few years ago. We have been coaching candidates for various civil service competitive exams in various parts of India, including Delhi. We have achieved excellent results and have been named one of the best IAS coaching centre in India.

Why are we the best coaching centre in Delhi?

Being a top IAS coaching centre, Tarun IAS is the only coaching institute in India which provides its students with HD quality recorded classes to prepare for their civil service exams. We have more than 800 hours of studio-recorded videos of the General Subjects that we teach. We also provide our students with bi-monthly live classes on current affairs for 12 months. Another essential feature of our classes is the subject wise doubt sessions conducted live by us.

Our study materials are one of the reasons for our status as one of the best coaching centre in India based at Delhi. The topics we cover are widely researched and important for all civil service exams. We cover basic economics, Indian geography, ancient and medieval history, ethical integrity and case study, governance in India, among many others. We also conduct the CSAT (Civil Services Aptitude Test) Trials and lectures to ensure that our students are ready to face their exams with confidence.

Benefits of joining Tarun IAS coaching

Tarun IAS, one of the top coaching centres in Delhi, provides you with a convenient home learning experience while preparing you for your civil service exams. We provide our students with independent study platforms with no time or location restrictions. All our sessions are conducted by a group of highly experienced faculty members. We also provide a mixture of online and offline courses. Our students can switch from one to the other in these fusion courses. The students have the option of paying monthly installments for the courses to relieve them from financial burdens and focus on the course.

Our coaching centre in Delhi also provides a printed hard copy of the study materials containing in-depth information about all subjects. We train our students regularly, helping them to practice solving papers. Our bi-monthly live classes ensure that the students remain up to date on all the recent and important events around the world. 

We conduct a three-tier test series to help you gain experience and be prepared during your actual test. This is why we have become the top IAS coaching classes in Delhi and many other regions of India.

Tarun IAS is spread through all of India as a top coaching centre providing both offline and online classes. We have a reliable and experienced group of faculty ready to coach you with their live and recorded classes. Becoming an IAS officer is not an easy or simple task. It is a task that will require you to spend time and effort and will be emotionally taxing. So if you are looking for a coaching centre to guide you through the journey, then choose the best to be the best!,

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