ISRO’s Mission Sun director Nigar Shaji: Topper who chose engineering over medicine

In 2012, Nigar Shaji, who presently holds the position of a program director at ISRO and also serves as the project director for ISRO’s ongoing Aditya L1 mission dedicated to Sun research, shared a story through her social media platform. Her purpose was to highlight the fundamental teachings that parents should instill in their children, emphasizing the importance of teamwork and cooperation.

She conveyed, “You can offer your child a spacious residence, a chauffeur-driven car, exquisite dining experiences, piano lessons, and access to a large-screen television. Nevertheless, when it comes to tending the garden or lawn, encourage them to engage in that experience. After a meal, suggest they wash their dishes alongside their siblings. Recommend taking a ride on a public bus. Not because you lack the means to own a car or hire household assistance, but because you aim to nurture them in the right way.”

Nigar Shaji further emphasized her message by stating, “The most crucial aspect is enabling your child to understand the value of effort, confront challenges, and develop the ability to collaborate with others to achieve tasks. ” As a mother of two, she underscored the significance of these life lessons.

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