Indian Express : Headlines Of The Day -18 and 19/6/2023

Headlines of The Day from Indian Express Newspaper :

Front Page

  1. Senior officers to be posted across services as part of integration move
  2. PM : Emergency a dark period in India’s history, democracy supporters tortured

Govt & Politics

  1. Gandhi peace prize 2021 for Gita press, PM, UP CM hail its contribution
  2. Over 4 lakh hired by Govt under mision recruitment so far every sixth a woman
  3. Collegium system transparent, better than NJAC : Justice Dhanuka

Express Network

  1. Don’t fiddle in Manipur
  2. Imphal abdication
  3. After the conflict
  4. The risk threshold

Ideas Pages

  1. A narrative in search of data
  2. Needed : Due diligence

Express Network

  1. Shift in militant strategy : Why Jammu is seeing a terror thrust


  1. New flag : Why the most visible pride symbol was updated
  2. Paddy and the price of water
  3. Miyawaki forests
  4. What’s in a name change ? The right to life under Art 21 say 2 High Courts


  1. Blinken kicks off meeting in Beijing to cool soaring tensions in US-China ties


  1. Net direct tax mop-up grows 11% so far to 3.80 lakh cr
  2. India, UK seeking equal treatment for service sector firms under proposed FTA
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