Indian Express : Headlines Of The Day -01/7/2023

Headlines of The Day from Indian Express Newspaper :

Front Page

  1. IMD brings some cheer : July rainfall likely to be normal
  2. Uttarakhand’s UCC draft ready, likely template for Centre law
  3. In Phone call, Modi Putin discuss failed mutiny by wagner chief

Govt & Politics

  1. Rajiv & Shah Bano in mid 1980s to Modi in 2024 : Why UCC is back on frontburner
  2. New Manipur security strategy : One force one area

Express Network

  1. Another wasted opportunity : India criticises delay in UNSC reforms
  2. UK supports India’s bid for Permanent council membership
  3. downturn in relations created by China not India : Jaishankar


  1. Justice not uniformity
  2. Fraying the fabric
  3. Fertiliser for thought

Ideas Page

  1. Future readying India
  2. The quota within
  3. Reading the rankings

Express Network

  1. 1st century BC plaque among 105 antiquities to be returned by US
  2. CJI stresses need to take legal aid service to people


  1. France burning : Macron tells parents to keep teens at home faults social media


  1. India’s critical minerals
  2. Excessive groundwater extraction has shifted the Earth’s axis
  4. Removal of extra import duty on US apples : how it can impact Indian growers


  1. Incidental expenses on education& health fall under LRS to attract TCS
  2. Govt raises interest rates on select small savings schemes
  3. 8 key infra sectors grow 4.3% in May
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