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Tarun IAS is involved in training and capacity building the students who are preparing for IAS (Indian Administrative Services)/CUET/IPMAT/CLAT exam preparation and committed to helping students achieve their dreams of a successful careers. We firmly believe that our vision of educating and empowering future civil servants aligns seamlessly with potential partners like you who share the same passion for quality education and community development.

We will Work on 2 Models With Our Partners

  1. Sales Partner
  2. Channel Partner

We recognize that a successful partnership thrives on trust, transparency, and equitable terms. Keeping this in mind, we are excited to present the following proposal that ensures minimal financial risk for you and significant returns which is mentioned below. Here are the respective roles and responsibilities of Sales Partners and Channel Partners.

Sales Partners Model:

1. Tarun IAS Responsibilities

  • Product and Training: Tarun IAS will provide the necessary training to sales partners on our products and services, equipping them with the knowledge and tools required for effective sales.
  • Marketing Support: Tarun IAS will supply digital designs of marketing materials to assist sales partners in their promotional efforts. This may include digital copy of brochures and digital promotional content.
  • Product Delivery: Tarun IAS will ensure the delivery of our educational products and services to the end customers, maintaining quality standards.

2. Sales Partner Responsibilities:

  • Sales and Promotion: Sales partners will actively promote and sell Tarun IAS courses and services within their designated region or territory.
  • Customer Engagement: They will engage with potential students, address their inquiries, and provide information about Tarun IAS programs to help them make informed decisions.
  • Local Market Insights: Sales partners will provide valuable insights into the local market, helping Tarun IAS tailor its marketing and course offerings to meet regional demand.

Channel Partners Model:

1. Tarun IAS Responsibilities:

  • Comprehensive Training: Tarun IAS will provide extensive training to channel partners and their staff on teaching methodologies, course materials, and technology platforms.
  • Curriculum and Content Development: Tarun IAS will design and update study materials, ensuring they are up-to-date and aligned with the latest examination patterns.
  • Marketing and Branding Support: Tarun IAS will support channel partners with marketing and branding where Tarun IAS will provide digital designs to promote our programs in the local market.

2. Channel Partner Responsibilities:

  • Infrastructure and Facilities: Channel partners will provide suitable premises, necessary infrastructure, and classroom facilities for conducting TarunIAS courses (Which is already there with channel partner as an existing infrastructure).
  • Local Marketing: Channel partners will actively participate in local marketing efforts and student outreach, leveraging their knowledge of the local community to drive enrollment.
  • Student Support: They will handle administrative and logistical support for students, including enrollment, scheduling, and addressing student inquiries or concerns.

3. Revenue Sharing:

  • For Channel Partner- Share between Tarun IAS and Channel Partner will be 50-50 percent of revenue sharing.
  • For Sales partner:- Share between TarunIAS and Sales Partner will be 70 -30 percent of revenue sharing ensuring a mutually beneficial partnership.

We believe that this partnership can be a win-win scenario for both parties, combining the strengths of TarunIAS in the field of IAS coaching with your local market expertise and dedication. To discuss the specifics of this proposal and explore the potential synergies further, we invite you for a meeting at your convenience.

become our partner

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