UPSC Daily Quiz | 6 Jun 2024


Daily Quiz - 6 June

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1. With reference to Doctrine of Merger and the Rule of stare decisis, consider the following statements:

1) The Doctrine of Merger applies when a higher court confirms the decision of a lower court, causing the lower court’s decision to lose its separate identity and merge into the higher court’s judgment.

2) The Rule of Stare Decisis obligates courts to follow the precedents set by higher courts within the same jurisdiction to ensure consistency and predictability in the law.

3) Under the Doctrine of Merger, if a lower court’s decision is overturned by a higher court, the original decision remains valid and enforceable.

How many of the above statements is/are correct?

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2. The main purpose of a ‘benchmark index’ is to:

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3. Which feature among the following best exemplifies the federal structure of the Indian Constitution?

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4. Which of the following represents the primary function of a ‘Clearing Corporation’ in the financial markets?

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5. Who has implemented the world’s largest grain storage plan?

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