UPSC Daily Quiz | 6 July 2024


Daily Quiz - 6 July

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Tarun IAS emphasizes the importance of Current Affairs in both the prelims and mains of the UPSC exams, offering extensive materials and notes on the subject. Her For the most current and specific daily MCQs related to current affairs or any other subject, please click on the link below.

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1. Consider the following statements regarding the Kaveri River:

1) It originates from the Nallamala hills.

2) Lokapavani  River and Bhavani River  are its tributaries.

3) The Mettur Dam is located across the Kaveri Basin.

How many of the  above statements is/are incorrect?

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2. Consider the following statements regarding the Ahom-era Moidams:

1) King Chau-lung Siu-ka-pha was buried at Charaideo.

2) The Ahoms had adopted the practice of entombing the cremated bones and ashes in a Moidam from Jainism. 

3) The Ahom kings appointed  Changrung Phukan for the maintenance of Royal Moidams.

How many of the  above statements is/are correct?

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3. Where is Leang Karampuang Cave located?

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4. Consider the following statements regarding the Floor Test:

1) It is a convention followed in Legislative assemblies and the Parliament.

2) The Speaker moves a motion seeking a vote of confidence, on which MLAs who are present in the House vote.

Which of the above statements is/are correct?

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