Xi Jinping Cries Foul, Says Rules Being Written by Those with ‘Strongest Muscles’ at BRICS Meet

Chinese President Xi Jinping underscored the collaborative need for nations across the globe to establish and uphold international regulations, aligning with the principles outlined in the UN Charter. This, he stressed, should prevail over being dictated by those possessing the \”strongest power\” or the most forceful voices.

Xi Jinping\’s remarks are anticipated to elicit reactions from observers, given China\’s alleged territorial encroachments on both its eastern and western neighbors. Additionally, the nation asserts its willingness to forcibly reintegrate Taiwan with the mainland if circumstances demand.

During his address at the 15th BRICS Summit\’s open plenary session, Xi Jinping articulated that the crafting and adherence to international regulations on a collective scale should be steered by the fundamental principles of the UN Charter, rather than dictated by those who wield substantial influence or make the loudest declarations.

Xi Jinping extended his elaboration, asserting that BRICS nations should actively practice authentic multilateralism, stand united against divisions, and emphasize inclusivity.

Xi Jinping emphasized the paramount importance of advocating for coexistence and harmonious interactions among civilizations within the BRICS group. He stressed the need to respect the diverse pathways to modernization that each nation chooses, while simultaneously rejecting ideological rivalries, systemic confrontations, and clashes among civilizations.

In light of China\’s strained relations with Western nations over its stance on Taiwan and support for Russia amidst Ukraine-related sanctions, China finds itself in a delicate diplomatic position.

Xi Jinping recommended that member states enhance their collaborations in politics and security to preserve worldwide peace and stability. He cautioned against lingering Cold War mentalities and escalating geopolitical tensions. Instead, he urged BRICS countries to remain committed to the path of peaceful development and reinforce the strategic partnership within the BRICS framework.

The Chinese President urged member-states to effectively leverage mechanisms like the meetings of BRICS Foreign Ministers and high-level representatives on national security. He highlighted the necessity of mutual support for core interests and heightened coordination on significant global and regional issues. Xi Jinping also appealed for mediating efforts to address contentious matters, striving for political resolutions and de-escalation.

Xi Jinping reaffirmed China\’s dedication to collaborating with all member-states to collectively establish a framework for industrial cooperation geared towards sustainable development within the context of BRICS.

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