\”World Now Realising…\”: PM Modi Calls For Peace Amid Israel-Hamas War

Against the backdrop of the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized today that terrorism, in any form and anywhere in the world, goes against the principles of humanity. He stressed the importance of pursuing peace and brotherhood and moving forward together. The Prime Minister highlighted that conflicts and confrontations in any part of the world have a global impact and ultimately benefit no one, advocating for a human-centric approach.

During his address at the inaugural session of the ninth G20 Parliamentary Speakers\’ Summit (P20) in New Delhi, PM Modi also emphasized the need to eliminate obstacles that hinder global trust.

He expressed that this moment is a call for peace and unity, and it\’s time for collective progress. His remarks came in light of recent attacks by Hamas on Israeli towns, which escalated tensions in the region.

Referring to the attack on Parliament House two decades ago, the Prime Minister underscored India\’s long-standing challenge of cross-border terrorism, which has claimed countless innocent lives. He reiterated that the world is now recognizing the gravity of the terrorism challenge and reiterated, \”Terrorism anywhere, in any form, is against humanity.\”

PM Modi expressed his concern that consensus has not been reached on a universal definition of terrorism, allowing the enemies of humanity to exploit this situation. He called on Parliaments worldwide to contemplate ways to collaborate in the fight against terrorism.

The Prime Minister also noted that India\’s G20 presidency has been marked by celebrations throughout the year, and he pointed out India\’s achievements, such as its lunar mission. He invited all P20 delegates to return next year to witness the general elections, where an estimated 100 crore voters will cast their ballots.

PM Modi highlighted the transparency and efficiency brought about by the use of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) in the election process, resulting in the swift declaration of election results.

He also emphasized India\’s rich tradition of debates and deliberations that date back thousands of years and are mentioned in ancient texts.

The P20 Summit is being attended by Speakers of Parliaments from G20 member countries and invitees. This year, the Pan-African Parliament is participating in the P20 Summit for the first time, following the African Union\’s membership in the G20, which was confirmed during the New Delhi G20 Leaders\’ Summit last month.

The thematic sessions during the P20 Summit will focus on four key topics: the transformation of people\’s lives through public digital platforms, women-led development, accelerating Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and transitioning to sustainable energy.

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