World Mental Health Day 2023: An attempt to create awareness about mental illness

World Mental Health Day, established in the early 1990s by the World Federation of Mental Health (WFMH), is an annual event observed on October 10th.

Its primary objective is to increase awareness regarding mental health issues, stimulate dialogues on topics such as borderline personality disorder, depression, and anxiety, and create a secure and supportive environment where individuals can openly recognize and address these challenges.

As stated on the World Health Organization (WHO) website, this day serves as a platform for all stakeholders engaged in mental health-related work to exchange insights and discuss the essential measures needed to make mental healthcare accessible globally.

The theme for World Mental Health Day 2023, \”Mental health is a universal human right,\” encourages individuals and communities to join forces in addressing mental health concerns. The key goal is to heighten public awareness of mental health issues and coordinate support for those grappling with them.

This initiative strives to enrich comprehension, increase awareness, and advocate for actions that reinforce and protect the mental well-being of individuals worldwide.

World Mental Health Day was founded by the WFMH in 1992, under the leadership of Richard Hunter, who served as the deputy secretary-general at that time. The inaugural theme for World Mental Health Day in 1994 was \”Improving the Quality of Mental Health Services Throughout the World.\” This campaign elicited feedback reports from 27 nations and subsequently led to national initiatives in countries like Australia and England.

On October 10th, organizations across the globe come together to commemorate World Mental Health Day. It offers an opportunity for everyone to contribute to the cultivation and preservation of mental well-being.

On this day, individuals worldwide participate in activities aimed at raising awareness about mental health.

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