Why is CSAT More Important in IAS Prelims?


As we know, IAS examinations are prestigious but difficult, and CSAT may cause issues and may even throw planning off. Why can it happen? CSAT is a Civil Services Aptitude Test that students have to crack with a minimum of 33% marks. It means getting 66 out of 200. Students must know that both General Studies Paper-II and CSAT are the same. Students get 80 questions in total, and they get 2 hours to attempt these questions. Every question has a 2.5 mark assigned to it.

In this crucial paper, UPSC determines the students\’ basic logical reasoning, interpersonal skills, decision-making, mental ability, data interpretation, and English comprehension skills. Indeed, the obtained marks in these crucial exams are not considered while determining merit, but it is also true that failing in it means you cannot progress ahead in your IAS dreams.

Why Do Students Need to Be Wary of CSAT?

It might appear for students to take the CSAT exam lightly. The first reason is that they may believe that since they need to obtain only 33% marks, they need to focus less on it and more on General Studies Paper-I. Secondly, the marks will not get counted in their merit. Therefore, this paper doesn\’t need too much focus. However, this approach brings about their downfall.

There are several reasons for it. UPSC has made the CSAT exam even more difficult over the years. Papers have become a little longer with each passing year. There are a few other reasons as well:

  1. Students generally struggle with the comprehension section. Finding students particularly struggle with English comprehension, mathematics, and reasoning, in particular, is not rare. They mostly struggle because of a lack of practice and focus. Expert guidance can help students to overcome these issues.
  2. The exam penalizes incorrect answers. Every wrong answer will decrease the ⅓rd. 
  3. Marks assigned to that respective question. When they see difficult papers and attempt questions, they do not know it. Thus, risk their chances of clearing the exams.

Above are some of the reasons that create big issues for students, and they end up failing in the CSAT exam. So, what is the way out?

How to Go About the CSAT Preparation?

Students don\’t need to make drastic changes in their preparation for IAS. There are simple things they need to follow that will put them on the right track.

  1. Focus on CSAT and show respect for it.
  2.  Keep regular hours of study dedicated to CSAT only.
  3. Practice previous years\’ exams rigorously.
  4.  Go through the full syllabus and identify your strengths and weaknesses. Put more hard work to improve on your weaknesses. It could be solving numerical questions or several difficult English comprehensions regularly.
  5. Taking help from experts can help you crack CSAT easily. 
  6. You can get yourself enrolled in a good IAS coaching centre that has experienced faculty. The guidance provided by skilled teachers can hone your skill and let you crack the CSAT exam.

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