What the Meat Ban in 22 Wards of Mathura Has Meant for Sellers

On August 31, 2021, in Mathura city, Uttar Pradesh, specific areas experienced a ban on the sale of meat, eggs, non-vegetarian items, and alcohol. Merchants from the Muslim community, who had traditionally been involved in this trade, assert that the practice of meat selling dates back to the British colonial era in Mathura. However, due to recent restrictions imposed over the past two years, this trade has come to a complete standstill, resulting in widespread unemployment among those who relied on it.

In these restricted zones, all non-vegetarian restaurants, bulk meat vendors, and slaughterhouses have been compelled to halt their operations. It\’s worth noting that this area has a substantial Muslim population, and the meat trade was predominantly conducted by members of the Muslim community.

These restrictions are limited to 22 wards in Mathura, while in other areas, non-vegetarian restaurants and meat sales continue without interruption.

The Wire conducted interviews with local residents to gain insights into the current status of this business, two years after the restrictions were put in place.

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