West Bengal: BSF arrests 45 people, mostly Bangladeshi citizens, for illegally crossing international border

In a series of separate occurrences within West Bengal, the Border Security Force (BSF) apprehended a total of 45 individuals who were attempting to unlawfully cross the international border. Among those taken into custody, 32 were Bangladeshi nationals trying to enter India without authorization, while 13 were Indians attempting an illegal journey to the neighboring country, according to official BSF reports.

At the Singamora border outpost, BSF personnel apprehended a group consisting of 20 Bangladeshi women, four children, and four men. Simultaneously, they detained six Indian women, three children, and a man. These detentions resulted from three separate operations carried out on Wednesday, as stated by the BSF\’s official statement.

The detained Indian individuals hailed from various regions, including Maharashtra, Jharkhand, and West Bengal, while the Bangladeshi nationals originated from districts such as Bagairhat, Barisal, Ferozepur, Khulna, Jessore, Ghazipur, and Gopalganj.

Additionally, in a distinct operation, troops stationed at the Ranghat border outpost apprehended three Bangladeshi women and one man. Alongside them, they apprehended two Indian men and one woman.

During the subsequent interrogations, the Bangladeshi nationals revealed their intention to come to India in pursuit of better economic opportunities, while the detained Indian individuals stated that they were on their way to Bangladesh to visit relatives, as conveyed by the BSF. All individuals taken into custody have been handed over to the Bagdah police station. The BSF underscored its commitment to implementing stringent measures to curtail illegal border crossings, as highlighted by a BSF spokesperson.

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