Took Extraordinary Effort To Crack Case: Police On Shocking Ujjain Rape

30-35 people were engaged in cyber investigation, no one slept for three to four days. When we were visiting the spot of the crime, he (accused) tried to run away. Policemen chased and caught him again," a police inspector told NDTV.

The Madhya Pradesh Police have also registered a case against another auto driver, Rakesh Malviya, because the survivor boarded his auto at some point after the crime was committed but Malviya did not inform the police despite her condition, something the police says is an offence under the stringent Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act.

The father of the rape accused, Raju Soni, has asked for the death penalty for his son if found guilty. "This is very wrong, he should be punished, what other punishment would there be other than death, I would have killed him," he said

Two policemen donated blood to the girl, helping her survive, and the police officer who solved the case wants to adopt the girl.

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