Pakistan's Seema Haider under ATS scanner, travel route for illegal enter into India to be probed

The story of Pakistani woman Seema Ghulam Haider, who illegally crossed into India to marry and live with her Indian lover took another turn on Monday as the Anti-Terrorist Squad of Uttar Pradesh begin its investigation into the matter.

Seema Haider traveled from Pakistan to Dubai first and then Dubai to Nepal. She entered India illegally through Nepal raising some serious questions related to security.

Seema Haider was arrested earlier with her boyfriend for entering India without a valid Visa.  Her boyfriend Sachin was arrested for helping her. The duo were later released on bail and are currently living in Noida.

Sachin and Seema Haider are urging the government to allow them to marry and let her stay in the country. Seema Haider claims that she has also converted her religion and is now a Hindu. Her action evoked reactions from her Pakistani family who has reportedly ostracised her for defying the Muslim societal norms.