Red Sanders: Distribution, Uses and Threats | UPSC

Red Sanders is a non-fragrant variety of sandalwood. It is found in Southern Tropical Dry Deciduous Forests at altitudes of 150 - 900 m.

It grows on dry, hilly, often rocky ground, and occasionally found on precipitous hill sides also. It prefers lateritic and gravelly soil and cannot tolerate water logging and takes at least 20-25 years for the tree’s beautiful, deep red wood to be of use.

Red Sanders is an Indian endemic tree species, with a restricted geographical range in the Eastern Ghats in Andhra Pradesh.

It is mainly found in the Palakonda and Seshachalam hill ranges of Andhra Pradesh. Sporadic wild populations occur in the adjoining districts of the neighbouring states of Tamil Nadu & Karnataka.

The species has negligible utilization within the country mainly in Ayurvedic medicines. Its primary use, however, is decorative, musical instruments making and ornamental.