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Putin hosted Russian mercenary leader Prigozhin at the Kremlin after abortive mutiny


Putin invited 35 people to the meeting, including unit commanders, and that it lasted three hours.

The three-hour meeting took place on June 29 and also involved commanders from Prigozhin’s Wagner Group military contractor, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. Putin gave an assessment of Wagner’s actions on the battlefield in Ukraine — where the mercenaries have fought alongside Russian troops — and of the revolt itself.

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The confirmation that Putin met face-to-face with Prigozhin, who led troops on a march to Moscow last month in order to demand a change of defense minister, was extraordinary.

Mr. Peskov said that during the June 29 meeting, Mr. Putin offered an “assessment” of Wagner’s actions on the battlefield in Ukraine and "of the events of June 24.

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Overall, Russia fired on 10 settlements in the province over the course of a day, he said.