'Pained, angry': PM Modi on Manipur shocker, demands CM take stringent action

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday spoke about Manipur violence and the viral video of two women paraded naked and said he is pained. As PM Modi addressed ahead of the Monsoon Session of Parliament, PM Modi said before coming to Parliament,

the temple of democracy, his heart was filled with pain and anger. “The incident of Manipur which has come to the fore is shameful for any civilisation. The country is shamed. I appeal to all chief ministers to strengthen laws to take stringent action against crime, especially against women.

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The incident might be from Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh or Manipur, the culprit should not go scot-free in any corner of the country,” PM Modi said.

I assure my countrymen that no culprit will be spared. What happened to the daughters of Manipur will never be unpardoned," PM Modi said.