Perumbalai Archaeological Site | UPSC

Perumbalai has long been historically associated with the Kongu region as Tamil language text- Kongu Mandala Sadhagam states, “Perumbalai to the north and Vaikavur to the south” in a poem that defines the border of the Kongu country.

Perumbalai has archaeological evidence of people living here since ancient times. The village and its surrounding areas are low-lying, but rich in ecosystems.

Perumbalai is located on the bank of the Nagavathi (ancient Palar), one of the tributaries of Cauvery river.

The area was also the main road junction before crossing the Cauvery on the way from Gangapadi to the interior of the Kongu region.

Iron and mineral resources were abundant in the Mecheri and Mettur areas at that time. Graffiti marks “resembling geometric symbols” were discovered during the latest cycle of archaeological excavations at Perumbalai.