Nusantara: Indonesia's new capital city

Nusantara, set to become Indonesia's new capital city, is envisioned to alleviate Jakarta's congestion and address the environmental challenges faced by the sinking metropolis.

The sinking of Jakarta (the current capital of Indonesi), primarily due to excessive groundwater extraction, has accelerated plans to move the capital to Nusantara on the island of Borneo.

Nusantara aims to be a sustainable, smart city, contrasting sharply with Jakarta's current issues of overpopulation and subsidence.

The alarming rate at which Jakarta is sinking has prompted the Indonesian government to fast-track the development of Nusantara, hoping to establish a more resilient capital.

Jakarta's struggles with flooding and land subsidence underscore the urgency behind the construction of Nusantara, designed to be a future-proof capital free from such vulnerabilities.