Golden Langurs in India

There are an estimated 7,396 golden langurs in India increased from 6,000 langurs recorded n 2008-09.

The entire distribution range of the golden langur (Trachypithecus geei) covers the Manas Biosphere Reserve and all fragmented forests in the western part of Assam.

While the Ripu Reserve Forest was home to the most (2,847) northern population golden langurs, Kokrajhar district’s Chakrashila Wildlife Sanctuary had 838 individuals, the most in the southern fragmented range of the primate.

On the flip side, the survey report underlined an unstable situation in the fragmented habitats of the golden langurs, particularly due to the absence of non-breeding all-male bands.

The primatologists involved in the survey highlighted the need for corridor linkage among the fragmented habitats through plantations and canopy bridges to offset potential threats the primates face from anthropogenic interactions.