Red Flag, RIMPAC Exercises

The Indian Air Force's deployment of eight Rafale fighters, supported by IL-78 refuellers and C-17 transport aircraft, to the Red Flag exercise in Alaska demonstrates India's commitment to enhancing multinational aerial combat training and interoperability with global air forces.

By participating in the Red Flag exercise with advanced aircraft and refuelling capabilities, the IAF aims to integrate its aircrew into a realistic combat environment, showcasing its operational readiness and strategic reach in a multinational setting.

The Indian Navy's deployment of the INS Shivalik to the RIMPAC exercise, alongside navies from 28 other nations, underscores India's strategic focus on maritime security and its desire to bolster interoperability with key international naval forces.

The involvement of the Indian Navy in RIMPAC 2024, which features extensive maritime operations around the Hawaiian Islands, highlights India's growing naval capabilities and its active role in maintaining regional stability and maritime cooperation.

The combined participation of the IAF in Red Flag and the Indian Navy in RIMPAC reflects India's multifaceted approach to strengthening its defense ties with the U.S. and other allied nations, enhancing its operational proficiency across both aerial and maritime domains.