Upcoming Missions to Venus

NASA's upcoming DAVINCI+ mission aims to explore Venus' atmosphere by 2029, utilizing a descent probe to measure atmospheric composition and gather high-resolution images of the planet's surface, enhancing our understanding of its climatic history and potential for past habitability.

The European Space Agency's EnVision mission, scheduled for launch in the early 2030s, plans to perform detailed radar mapping of Venus' surface and subsurface, which will provide critical data on geological activity and past volcanic processes.

Russia's Venera-D mission, a collaboration with NASA, is slated for launch in the late 2020s, intending to conduct long-term studies of Venus' atmosphere and surface, including the first-ever deployment of a lander that can endure the planet's extreme conditions for extended periods.

India's Shukrayaan-1 mission, targeting a 2026 launch, will investigate Venus' surface and atmosphere using an array of scientific instruments, including a synthetic aperture radar and a thermal camera, aiming to advance our knowledge of the planet's geological and climatic features.

The private company Rocket Lab plans to launch a small probe to Venus in 2025, focusing on searching for signs of life in the planet's clouds by studying the chemical composition of the upper atmosphere, which could provide insights into the potential for microbial life.