Cabinet likely to clear Jan Vishwas (Amendment of Provisions) Bill 2022

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New Delhi, July 12:  The union cabinet is likely to take up for consideration the Jan Vishwas (Amendment of Provisions) Bill, 2022 that proposes to decriminalise various offences in 42 laws, including minor ones that invite jail term.

The Jan Vishwas (Amendment of Provisions) Bill, 2022 was introduced in the Lok Sabha on December 22, 2022 and it’s aim is to reduce the compliance burden on individuals and businesses to fulfill the twin objectives of ease of doing business and ease of living for the citizens.

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The panel had also observed that rather than punishing a wrongful conduct,  criminalisation of minor acts of omission or commission often becomes a tool for the executive to project a strong image.

the bill was referred to a joint Parliamentary panel led by BJP MP, P P Chaudhary. The panel had submitted its report in Lok Sabha on the proposed legislation in March during the budget session.