‘We cannot survive at this salary’: Anger from women working on Dial 112 helpline spills to streets in Lucknow

Hundreds of women working as communication officers for the Dial 112 emergency helpline in Lucknow have been engaged in protests for the past four days, advocating for job security and enhanced pay and showing a strong determination to persist. Draped in their distinctive purple and mustard uniforms, these women have stationed themselves in protest at Lucknow\’s Eco Garden. They allege a police assault earlier in the week when they peacefully marched towards the Chief Minister\’s residence.

Sharing her concerns with The Indian Express on Thursday, Priya Tewari (26), an MSc graduate in Mathematics from Purvanchal University, conveyed, \”We have been stuck at the same salary of Rs 11,400 for five years. We are urging for an increase to Rs 18,000. At the outset of the protest, our office officials restricted external access and even locked the toilets, insisting that we continue our protest without such facilities.\”

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