Vir Das wins International Emmy for comedy

Making a historic mark at the 2023 International Emmy Awards on Tuesday, Vir Das secured the award in the Comedy category for \’Vir Das: Landing,\’ while accomplished producer Ekta Kapoor was honored with the International Directorate Award at the ceremony in New York. Despite sharing the honor in the \’Comedy\’ category with \’Derry Girls Season 3,\’ Das holds the distinction of being the first Indian comedian to attain this prestigious accolade.

In response to his win, Das shared, “This moment is truly surreal – an incredible honor that feels like a dream. Winning an Emmy for ‘Vir Das: Landing’ is not just a milestone for me but for Indian comedy as a whole. It’s heartening to see ‘Vir Das: Landing’ resonate globally, thanks to Netflix, Aakash Sharma, and Reg Tigerman who made it special. My journey from crafting local stories to receiving a global accolade has been both challenging and rewarding… I’m excited about the continued exploration of diverse narratives, from Noida to the International Emmys.”

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