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Tarun IAS


Tarun IAS GS Foundation Program is a comprehensive guidance program designed for UPSC Civil Services Examination aspirants with experienced and expert faculty.

We offer classroom-led coaching that covers all topics and subjects in the UPSC syllabus. Our unique C2C2R3 Model of Preparation ensures comprehensive and concise learning, continuity, and effective revision techniques.

We prioritise a strong foundation by covering basic NCERTs our specialised course. Our integrated approach provides comprehensive coverage of all GS Mains, GS Prelims, and Essay papers.

Students gain access to test series, study materials, and monthly current affairs magazines. Dedicated mentors and doubt-clearing sessions, along with peer learning, foster a collaborative environment.

We also emphasize CSAT, Essay, and Ethics for exam success.

Approach of the Integrated Mentorship Programme for UPSC 2024

  • Strategic Approach: C2C2R3 Model for Efficient Learning
  • Duration : 24 month, unlimited watch hours 
  • Extensive Revision: Minimum 5 Times Coverage of Syllabus
  • Structured Plan: Day-wise Coverage of GS Papers, Essay, Current Affairs, and CSAT
  • Mentorship: Time-bound Strategic Guidance for Exam Success
  • Comprehensive Integration: Coverage of GS Mains, GS Prelims, and Essay
  • Updated Study Material: Relevant Resources and Monthly Current Affairs Magazines
  • Dedicated Support: 24×7 Assistance for Answer Writing Improvement and Peer Learning
  • Special Emphasis: CSAT, Essay, and Ethics Focus
  • Course Duration: October 2023 to September 2024 for Thorough Preparation
    Course Cycle:
    • Phase 1:September  2023-Jan 2024 (Integrated Prelims+ Mains);
    • Phase 2: Feb 2024-May 2024 (Prelims Focused);
    • Phase 3: June 2024-Sep 2024 (Mains Oriented)

Course Covered

Prelims = General Study and CSAT

Mains = General Study -I, II, III, & IV
Essay & Compulsory language Paper(English )

What is C2C2R3 Model?

Comprehensive to Concise: C2

Stage 1: Comprehensive concept building and Content Enrichment learning through rigorous foundation classes followed by timely assessment of learning outcome through timely tests.

Stage 2: Crisp and concise hand-outs/ snippets of the classes in the form of Short Notes (Quick Revision Notes) which helps you to revise same source multiple times and makes you well-versed with the static portion of the syllabus.

Continuity through Consistency

Continuity is maintained through Daily MCQs practice and Answer Writing Practice.

All the MCQs and mains answers are in sync with the content of the classes which ensures conceptual clarity and developing analytical approach.

Consistency can be achieved through rigorous practice of Regular and timely weekly mini tests and Monthly Full length Mock tests helps our students to track their real-time progress.

This C2C2 combination is lethal enough to destroy any giant exam like UPSC CS.

Next comes into picture, the RRR approach,

  • Reduce- the number of sources to the minimum.
  • Revise- the same source multiple times to master over the concept.
  • Reuse- the same source in all GS papers to make your answer and conceptual understanding broader and more inclusive, comprehensive and dynamic.

5 Time Revision Method

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