UK to include India in its safe states list. What it means

The United Kingdom has announced its intention to include India in its list of safe states, a move that effectively limits the asylum rights of undocumented migrants from the country. The declaration, issued by the UK Home Office on Wednesday, aims to streamline immigration procedures and bolster border control measures. Over the past year, the UK has witnessed a surge in small boat arrivals from India and Georgia, prompting a reassessment of its approach to asylum seekers from these nations, as indicated by the Home Office.

UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman underscored, \”We must prevent people from making perilous and illegal journeys to the UK from fundamentally safe countries.\”

\”Expanding this list will enable us to swiftly deport individuals with no right to be here and sends a clear message that if you enter here illegally, you cannot stay. We remain committed to implementing the measures outlined in our Illegal Migration Act, which will contribute to the fight against illegal migration,\” she added.

The inclusion of India in the safe states list signifies that the UK government views the country as generally safe, stable, and free from widespread human rights abuses, thereby negating the possibility of seeking asylum in Britain for those traveling illegally from India. Consequently, the prospects of Indians seeking asylum in Britain will be significantly diminished.

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