Today’s School Assembly Headlines (15 September): Libya Floods, Parliament Special Session and Asia Cup 2023

The tradition of the morning assembly remains firmly rooted in schools and continues to be observed today. Each morning, students and teachers assemble on the school grounds to participate in a variety of activities.

While the structure of the school assembly has remained relatively consistent over time, it may exhibit some variations from one school to another. Typically, a senior authority figure, often the principal, addresses the gathering briefly. The most recent significant news headlines from the previous day are shared, and students actively take part in role plays, talent exhibitions, and debates.

The morning assembly may also encompass moments of prayer, physical exercises, yoga sessions, and the rendition of the national anthem. Nevertheless, it\’s the reading of news that is considered a fundamental element of every school assembly. This practice plays a vital role in keeping students informed about both global and local events, thereby enriching their general knowledge.

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