The Hindu Newspaper : Headlines Of The Day – 30 and 31/7/2023

Headlines of The Day from The Hindu Newspaper :

Front Page

  • Ministry Over 6,253 cases of manual scavenging
    1. GS -1 Social issues
    2. Read about Manual Scavenging – Prohibition of Employment as Manual Scavengers and their Rehabilitation Act, 2013  – Why is it still prevalent in India – Solutions








Text & Context

  1. States’ lax response to lynching (GS-1/2)
  2. What is Sam Altman’s biometric project? (Prelims)



  1. A crisis of academic ethics in India (GS-2/4)
  2. Hurdles to overcome before becoming ‘Digital India’ (GS-2)



  1. On merits (GS-2)
  2. Rap on the knuckles (GS-1/2)
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