The Durand Cup 2023 will be held from August 3 to September 3

The 132nd edition of the Durand Cup, Asia\’s oldest football tournament, will kick off the season-opening event of India\’s domestic football calendar. The tournament is scheduled to take place from August 3 to September 3 in the states of West Bengal and Assam.

Football enthusiasts across India can enjoy the action as the matches will be live-streamed, allowing fans to catch all the excitement from the comfort of their homes. Additionally, the tournament will also be televised on various TV channels for wider coverage.

The prestigious Durand Cup has a rich history, originating back in 1888 when it was first played in Shimla. Remarkably, it holds the distinction of being the third-oldest football competition in the world. The tournament is organized by the Indian Armed Forces, adding a unique element to the sporting event.

For the Durand Cup 2023, 24 teams will be competing, featuring a diverse lineup that includes teams from the Indian Super League, I-League, and the Armed Forces. As a special addition this season, army teams from Nepal and Bangladesh have also been included, elevating the tournament\’s international appeal.

The teams have been divided into six groups, each consisting of four teams. Following the group stage matches, the top team from each group and the two best second-placed teams will advance to the knockout stage, setting the stage for intense competition and thrilling matches throughout the tournament.

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