Territorial Integrity Can\’t be Cherry-picked\’: Jaishankar\’s Fiery Message to Pak, China at UNGA

Speaking at the 78th session of the UNGA in New York, the EAM stressed the importance of consistent application of principles such as respect for territorial integrity and non-interference in internal affairs. He emphasized, \”We should not selectively apply principles like respect for territorial integrity and non-interference in internal affairs. It is imperative that we refrain from allowing political expediency to shape our responses to issues like terrorism, extremism, and violence. When reality diverges from rhetoric, it is essential that we have the courage to acknowledge it.\”

In an earlier session of the UN General Assembly, Pakistan\’s Interim Prime Minister Anwar-ul-Haq Kakar had raised the matter of Jammu and Kashmir. India responded by calling on Pakistan to dismantle terrorist infrastructure within its borders and highlighting Pakistan\’s own track record of violating minority rights.

The ongoing standoff between Indian and Chinese troops in eastern Ladakh, stemming from the Galwan Valley clash in May 2020, in which 20 Indian soldiers lost their lives, was also brought up. Despite holding 19 Corps Commander-level talks between the Indian Army and the Chinese People\’s Liberation Army (PLA), a resolution to the conflict has remained elusive.

Jaishankar criticized Western nations, asserting that the era in which a handful of countries could dictate the global agenda and expect others to conform has come to an end. He underscored the importance of diplomacy and dialogue, particularly in a world characterized by sharp East-West polarization and a profound North-South divide.

Jaishankar emphasized India\’s evolution from the era of non-alignment to becoming a \”Vishwa Mitra\” or friend to the world. He noted that India\’s vision, encapsulated in the phrase \”One Earth, One Family, One Future,\” seeks to address the concerns of many, not just the interests of a select few. This vision aims to bridge divides, break down barriers, and foster collaboration that benefits the entire world, emphasizing unity over discord and shared destiny over isolation. He pointed to the New Delhi G20 declaration as evidence of India\’s commitment to this vision.

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