Telefónica de Argentina Selects Kyndryl to Automate and Modernize its Technology Infrastructure

Telefónica de Argentina, a prominent telecommunications and internet service provider in the nation, has opted for Kyndryl, the world\’s largest IT infrastructure services provider, to accelerate the modernization of its technological framework. Under an extended 3-year partnership, Kyndryl will take charge of overseeing the management of Telefónica de Argentina\’s hybrid cloud infrastructure while introducing automation to enhance efficiency, ultimately raising the bar for service quality and the application experience of its Argentine customer base.

In addition to their role in supervising Telefónica de Argentina\’s critical infrastructure, Kyndryl Consult will play a pivotal role in offering guidance and executing IT automation strategies to improve the management of business applications. The execution of this project will be spearheaded by Kyndryl Consult experts who will seamlessly integrate and scrutinize data from diverse business processes to pinpoint automation opportunities that can bolster IT systems and provide valuable insights to optimize application performance.

Mariano Ragognetti, Managing Director of Kyndryl Argentina, expressed his pride in supporting Telefónica de Argentina\’s automation and modernization initiatives. He underscored the significance of maximizing resilience, efficiency, flexibility, and competitiveness to cater to the specific needs of the telecommunications company.

The National Institute of Statistics and Census of Argentina (INDEC) reported that in 2022, 89% of surveyed Argentinians used cell phones, and 88% had access to some form of internet connectivity. In the fiercely competitive telecommunications sector, continuous enhancements in user experience and the swift introduction of new services and products are indispensable. Telefónica de Argentina remains steadfast in its commitment to endow its users with digital autonomy, enhancing their interaction with applications while ensuring stability and speed.

Through the modernization of its IT infrastructure, Telefónica de Argentina aspires to deliver superior services and an exceptional user experience to its customers who rely on its applications. Kyndryl, as a trusted strategic partner, is well-prepared to address the challenges of this dynamic and ever-evolving industry. Kyndryl\’s experts possess an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of business operations and actively contribute to the modernization of Telefónica de Argentina\’s services through their extensive industry and technology expertise.

Kyndryl Consult experts will meticulously assess industry shifts and challenges, thereby shaping and executing a comprehensive digital transformation roadmap. This roadmap encompasses the automation of IT processes aimed at simplifying, modernizing, and streamlining the management of IT infrastructure. Furthermore, drawing upon their proficiency in Applications, Data, AI, and Cloud, Kyndryl is collaborating closely with Telefónica de Argentina to establish an efficient technological infrastructure. This initiative empowers them to harness data effectively, extract valuable insights, and optimize the efficiency of their business operations.

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