Telangana Minister Responds To PM Modi\’s \”Family-Run Party\” Swipe At KCR

On Sunday, K T Rama Rao, the Working President of the ruling BRS party, emphasized that the party represents a vast family of four crore individuals in Telangana, with Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao at its helm.

In response to Prime Minister Narendra Modi\’s statements made during a public gathering in Mahabubnagar, Telangana, where he mentioned the stalling of Telangana\’s progress by \”two family-run parties,\” Rama Rao highlighted CM KCR\’s roles. He likened KCR to a caring son, providing social security pensions to senior citizens, and a supportive brother to farmers through initiatives like the \’Rythu Bandhu\’ investment support scheme and \’Rythu Beema\’ life insurance scheme for agriculturists.

Rama Rao emphasized that \”KCR is a member of every family in Telangana.\”

The BRS leader accused PM Modi of misleading the people of Ramagundam by auctioning Singerani coal mines as part of an effort to privatize state-run mining operations. He alleged that the PM\’s strategy aimed to drive state-run companies into losses and later privatize them for the benefit of corporate associates.

Turning his attention to the Congress and its six \’guarantees\’ ahead of the assembly polls, Rama Rao contended that if Congress were to come to power, it would guarantee three things: a transition from 24×7 power supply to three-hour power supply, a change of chief minister every year, and an increase in scandals.

Rama Rao made these remarks while addressing gatherings after participating in various development programs in Chennur, Ramagundem, and Peddapalli assembly constituencies.

PM Modi, in launching the BJP\’s campaign for the upcoming assembly elections in Telangana, emphasized the desire for change in the state. He indirectly criticized alleged corruption associated with the BRS government.

Addressing a public meeting organized by the BJP in Mahabubnagar, PM Modi asserted that the people of Telangana seek a transparent and honest government rather than a corrupt one. He acknowledged the BRS party\’s current governance but pointed out that the actual control (\”steering\”) lies in someone else\’s hands. PM Modi associated the hindrance of Telangana\’s progress with two family-run parties and characterized their approach as one of \”family, for the family, and by the family.\” He claimed that these parties run political entities like private limited companies, with family members occupying key positions.

PM Modi contrasted this with the BJP\’s commitment to enhancing the quality of life for ordinary citizens, highlighting the party\’s focus on public welfare rather than personal gain.

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