Telangana folk singer Gaddar passes away at 77, Rahul Gandhi pays tribute

Renowned folk singer Gaddar passed away on Sunday at the age of 77 in Hyderabad. He breathed his last at a private hospital while undergoing treatment for a heart-related ailment. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi extended his condolences to the folk singer, expressing sadness at his demise.

Rahul Gandhi remarked, \”I am deeply saddened by the news of the passing of Shri Gummadi Vittal Rao, a beloved poet, balladeer, and passionate activist of Telangana. His unwavering commitment to the marginalized communities in Telangana fueled his relentless efforts. May his legacy continue to inspire us all.\”

Gaddar\’s demise was confirmed by Apollo Hospital in a statement released at 3 pm. The hospital\’s statement read, \”Shri Gummadi Vittal alias Gaddar, aged 77, passed away today at 3 pm at Apollo Spectra Hospital, Ameerpet, due to advanced age, lungs, and urinary issues. He had been grappling with severe heart disease and was admitted to the hospital on July 20, 2023. He underwent successful bypass surgery on August 3, 2023, and showed signs of recovery.\”

The statement highlighted Gaddar\’s history of lung and urinary problems, which, compounded by his advanced age, contributed to his passing.

The Congress party issued a statement expressing deep sorrow over Gaddar\’s demise, noting his decades-long dedication to serving the people. Revanth Reddy, as a gesture of condolence, urged Congress members to honor Gaddar\’s memory by displaying his portraits along the main roads in all mandal centers.

Etala Rajender, a BJP leader, also conveyed his profound grief at Gaddar\’s passing, describing it as a significant loss for Telangana. He praised Gaddar\’s indelible contribution to the struggle for Telangana and remarked that Gaddar\’s music would continue to resonate even in his absence. Rajender conveyed his heartfelt sympathies to Gaddar\’s family.

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