Tech Education Body Partners With Jio Institute For Programme On AI

In a press release, it has been announced that the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and Jio Institute are collaborating on a faculty development initiative centered around Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science. Known for its robust AI and DS program, Jio Institute will take on the role of the host institution for this five-day residential faculty development project.

Through this partnership with Jio Institute, AICTE has introduced a faculty development program that concentrates on the realms of AI and data science. The release also specifies that the program\’s inauguration is scheduled for August 21, 2023, with AICTE Chairman TG Sitharam leading the event.

The primary objective of this undertaking is to equip academic leaders and senior faculty members with an extensive understanding of AI and Data Science. A significant focus will be placed on the ethical considerations tied to the application of AI tools within immersive learning environments.

This program will provide intensive training to a carefully selected group of 40 AICTE members, all of whom are faculty members. Covering a wide array of subjects, including Data Visualization, Natural Language Processing, Time Series and Optimization, Applications, Generative AI, and Large Language Models, the curriculum will delve into the far-reaching impacts of AI and data sciences across an array of sectors, including science, engineering, healthcare, and liberal arts.

Furthermore, the program will explore emerging opportunities within the ever-evolving technological landscape.

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