Switch to leg-spin changes Parshavi Chopra’s fortunes

The 17-year-old cricket prodigy hailing from Uttar Pradesh is currently engaged in rigorous training at the off-season camp of the UP Warriorz. Driven by a deep desire to emerge as one of the fastest bowlers of all time, Parshavi Chopra embarked on her cricket journey as a pace bowler. However, following her coach\’s advice, she transitioned to leg-spin, a decision that significantly transformed her destiny.

Caught in the nets of the Youngstar Cricket Academy and Yuvraj Singh Center of Excellence in Greater Noida, Parshavi diligently practices her leg-spin technique. Her passion led her to closely study the techniques of renowned cricket legends. Initially captivated by Australian cricket icon Shane Warne, she eventually shifted her focus to following India\’s prominent leg-spinner, Yuzvendra Chahal.

Recalling her journey, Parshavi shared, \”Indeed, I began my cricket journey as a fast bowler, but my coach\’s guidance steered me towards leg-spin. This change altered my path. I was captivated while watching a women\’s cricket match between India and Australia, and it inspired me to dream of becoming a batter like Smriti Mandhana.\” This determination eventually led Parshavi to contribute significantly to India\’s victory in the Under-19 Women\’s World Cup held in South Africa earlier this year, where she secured 11 wickets.

Parshavi\’s journey to the international stage was marked by her surprise inclusion in India\’s Under-19 World Cup squad. \”I was taken aback when I received the call to represent India in the Under-19 World Cup. I was a bit nervous bowling my first over,\” she admitted. As an integral member of the UP Warriorz team in the Women\’s Premier League, Parshavi has proven herself as a versatile all-rounder.

Commencing her cricket journey at the tender age of 10, Chopra has represented Uttar Pradesh across various age levels in domestic cricket, including U14, U16, and U19 categories. Describing cricket as her lifeline, she is currently dedicated to the off-season camp of UP Warriorz, with her eyes set on delivering strong performances in the upcoming domestic season and the subsequent WPL season.

With aspirations to play for the senior Indian cricket team, Parshavi views the domestic matches and WPL as platforms to attract the selectors\’ attention. Her early athleticism paved the way for her international debut in 2022, when she represented India in a five-match series against New Zealand, which India swept 5-0.

Drawing inspiration from cricket legends like Shane Warne and Yuzvendra Chahal, Parshavi strives to emulate their leg-spin techniques. Reflecting on her achievements, she shared, \”Every wicket I claimed in the Women\’s T20 World Cup felt like a dream come true. I aim to carry this momentum forward in future events as well.\” Her stellar performance in the World Cup earned her the distinction of being the second-highest wicket-taker with 11 wickets.

Recognized by the UP Warriorz franchise, Parshavi was acquired for ₹10 lakh for the WPL. Her cricket journey diverged from her initial love for skating, which had even garnered her a silver medal. Guided by her family\’s cricket legacy, including her grandfather\’s zonal-level cricket experience, she ultimately pursued cricket as her passion. Her commitment and perseverance shone through as she overcame initial setbacks to make her mark in the sport she loves.

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