Supreme Court to hear plea against demolition near Krishna Janmabhoomi today

The upcoming Monday will witness the convening of the Supreme Court to address a plea that concerns the ongoing demolition efforts aimed at clearing constructions believed to be unauthorized, in the vicinity of the Krishna Janmabhoomi in Uttar Pradesh\’s Mathura.

According to the case listing for the Monday session, which is available on the official website of the Supreme Court, the plea will be presented before a bench comprising Justices Aniruddha Bose, Sanjay Kumar, and SVN Bhatti.

The core of the case revolves around the demolition activities targeting settlements situated near the Krishna Janmabhoomi.

In the course of the hearing on August 16, the apex court had instituted a 10-day suspension on the ongoing demolition activities being carried out by the railway authorities in order to remove structures that were allegedly constructed without proper authorization.

Notices were disseminated to the Central government and other pertinent parties, inviting their responses in connection to a petition submitted by Yakub Shah.

The order issued by the bench on August 16 stated, \”With regards to the subject premises, a status quo order shall be in effect for the subsequent 10 days commencing from today. The matter will be listed for hearing after a week.\”

Following this, on August 25, the Supreme Court once again addressed the issue and declined any further extension of the interim directive.

\”The hearing is scheduled for August 28. In the meantime, if there is any response from the petitioner, it should be presented. The interim order will not be prolonged beyond this point,\” the bench specified.

During the proceedings on August 16, the legal representative for the petitioner apprised the apex court that approximately 100 houses had been demolished.

\”The remaining count stands at around 70-80 houses. If this course continues, the entire matter could potentially lose its relevance. Action has already been taken against these structures,\” the legal representative conveyed.

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